Walnut Creek Concert Band Social Media – Part 1 the Concept

I promised I’d start sending information to you about our social media needs. We also have some other needs, but more on that in a separate post. This is the first of what will likely be regular installments.

We need to understand the concept of social media before we begin a methodical campaign. So, here it is in brief:


Social media is about giving. It’s not about getting anything. It’s about giving information – specialized information, insights, personal information and stories work well. The easiest and most natural thing to share is what interests you.

A  general guideline is that the content of a site not be more than 10% self-promotion. So, if all our sites do is announce Come See Us at the Park! periodically, they will be lonely sites. There’s no reason to come back and visit. No reason to Like. No reason to Follow. No reason to Share it or link to it.

They Will Come

There is an audience for us – guaranteed. For all practical purposes, the entirety of the United States is online as well as western Europe, Russia and, well, see for yourself.

So, before we begin, let’s remember it’s about giving. Give and people will come.

FYI Currently, the Walnut Creek Concert Band (WCCB) has 3 social media outlets:

This is Part 1 of our online promotion series. In Part 2 we put together a strategy.

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