Walnut Creek Concert Band Social Media – Part 2 the Strategy

There’s no shortage of definitions of what a social media strategy should consist of. Our strategy will evolve. For now, a general outline is as follows:

  • Our business goals are:
    • to increase our online presence and retain our existing audience
  • Our ideal audience:
    • differs from our current audience. Current data is not very specific. However, until we have data to indicate otherwise, there’s no reason to not follow the lead of the California Symphony in targeting what are commonly referred to as “millennials“.
  • Our competition:
    • at least from a web traffic point of view (or what we may aspire to), and for starters, we can glean from our Facebook Insights:

  • Our main online channels to concentrate our efforts on are:
    • Facebook and Twitter, although if any band members have interest in others (Instagram, etc) we will find ways for them to engage.
  • Our budget:
    • Unknown at present. Our resources will be dependent upon band volunteers.
  • Roles:
    • We need every band member to perform certain tasks when they function on their own Facebook Profiles and other social media accounts.We need a team of volunteers to act AS the WCCB (in the Editor role) and act AS the WCCB Twitter account (as Contributors); more on this later.

Now that you know the Concept of social media and our strategy you can being doing things. There’s some super simple Facebook things that every band member should do that you only have to do once! You’reĀ  ready to do One-Time Facebook Actions Everyone Should Do!.


This is Part 2 of our online promotion series. Let’s actually do something in Part 3, 7 Facebook Actions Everyone Shold Do!.


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