Help More! Take Real Action – Part 4

After you’ve made all your home Page clicks, what’s next? Assuming you Followed, you should begin seeing the posts that are published on the Walnut Creek Concert Band timeline.

  • Simply Like, Share and if you feel moved, Comment on as many posts as you can.

But that’s not all you can do. You can take real action as opposed to simply passive clicks.

  • You can be assigned a role allowing you to behave as the band. ¬†Corporations assign many people to perform different roles for a number of reasons– adding more content and more diverse content being two major reasons.

A great example of this role playing can be seen on Twitter where the country of Sweden allows a different citizen to act on behalf of their country every week, ensuring the entire spectrum of the Swedish population is conveyed worldwide. See the Curators of Sweden project.

  • Any band member can become an ¬†Editor on the WCCB Fscebook Page. This allows you to act as if you ARE the WCCB. Just like on your own Facebook site you roam around Liking, Friend’ing and Sharing, you do the same for the band. This is where the most benefits can be gained because as I said in Part 1 the Concept, social networking is about giving. Of course, this works most effectively with some general guidelines.

As an Editor you can easily flip back and forth between roles anytime you want for a long or short as you’d like. Ask me to become an Editor – we need you!

This is Part 4 of our online promotion series. Part 5 is coming soon.