7 Clicks Everyone Should Do! – Part 3

With just a few click you can have a huge impact in promoting the band!

Like, Follow, and Share Our Page

Hopefully, you’ll click each one of these. This is for the Page, that is, the entire Walnut Creek Band Facebook site. Similar things happen for posts, but we’ll save that for later.

Facebook Like Follow

You wouldn’t be the first to ask just what do these things do? Here’s some enlightenment if you’re wondering:

People can see that you liked the post
The post will be shown on your Timeline
The person who created the post the gets a notification that you liked it

A Facebook post can be shared on your own Timeline, on a friend’s Timeline, in a group, or in a private message. Your timeline is good, but why stop there when you can Share it right onto all your Friends timelines and any Groups you belong to! Spread the love!

When you follow someone or a Page, you see updates from that person or Page in your News Feed. We hope you want to see everything we post, so absolutely follow us!

There’s More Sharing to Be Done

Share our Events, too! Again, you could be bold and Share us on all your Friends and Groups timelines, but this may depend upon how friendly your Friends are, or perhaps how long you’d like to stay Friends with your Friends. They are Friends, right? Your call.

Facebook share events


The Sharing’s Not Over!

And don’t forget to Like again. And comment.

Facebook share YouTube


There’s  Still a Bit More

Click, or Better Yet, Write a Review

As you can see, our review section is a bit lonely. Come on. Click. You can do it!

Facebook reviews

Seven Clicks and You’re Done!

Simple, but a really huge promotion. Mouse clicks you can be proud of!

This is Part 3 of our online promotion series. In Part 4 you can do more.




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