Our Sponsors

Thank you for your support of the Walnut Creek Concert Band. As you can see from our personnel list, our Band is composed of volunteer musicians from all walks of life who gather weekly to prepare performances for your enjoyment and to support the City of Walnut Creek. Our reward is your enthusiastic support and attendance.

We hope that you will continue to support our efforts.

Special thanks to our current corporate sponsors!


Lamorinda Music

Lamorinda Music, Lafayette, California

Wind River Systems

Wind River Systems, Inc.

Chevron Matching Employee Funds, for David Stodola
Chevron Matching Employee Funds, for Steven Hansen

Band Circle – $25-99

Lynn Adamo and Bob Faber
David and Melodi Alltop
Carl Anderson
Larry Bernstein
Kristine Boasso
Byron and Kathryn Cederwall
Jean and Charles Dormann
Wes Eccles
Thomas Godfrey
Beverly A. and Cyril Greenbaum
Inez Gusey
John Helgeson
Ron and Harriette Henrickson
Don and Peggy Johnson
Thecla Justen
Jerry and Arlene Kaplan
John and Marilyn Knowles
Fred Kovar
Ken and Marilyn Kratz
John and Gynithe LaSalle
Ellen and Harry Lewin
Kevin and Clare Macy
Kristin Manning
Diane and Donald Merson
Catherine E. Murphy
Clinton and Susan Phalen
Judy Ryan
Elfie Schmidt
Ronna and Barry Slavin
Laszlo Somi
David Stodola
Ray and Evelyn Ternstrom
Dick and Annette Thomson
Diane Whittemore
Janet Zingale

Musician’s Circle – $100-499

Charles Abrams
John and Jean Adamo
Evo and Martina Alexandre
Bud and Sandy Brickell
Allan and Lynda Chasnoff
John and Denise Davis
John and Catherine Di Miceli
Laurel Edgecomb
Barry and Joan Goldstein
Barry and Nikita Gordon
Kenneth A. Gutierrez
Elaine Halliday
Steve and Joanne Hansen
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Heyman
Jerry and Kathy Hicks
Stan and Rose Jackson
Doris Knowlton
Shiva Krishnan in memory of Charley Birt
Dr. Nancy Lennstrom
John Minney
George and Diana Rhinebeck
Judith and Jennifer Satow
Cindy Silva
Alice and Merrill Swiney
Dorothy Tregea
Violet Trunk
Marvin Van Woerkom
Catherine Walters
Karyn Weber
Elizabeth Wyrick
Lance and Diane Young

Composer’s Circle – $500-999

Dorothy Bohannon
Tony and Jeannie Ligouri

Maestro’s Circle – $1,000 or more

Valerie Abad
Loren Kayfetz
Madeline Newkirk in memory of Herbert and Philip Newkirk
Cynthia Pierce


Estate of Willa Annett Marshall

Matching Funds

Chevron Matching Employee Funds, for David Stodola
Chevron Matching Employee Funds, for Steven Hansen


Mary Ellen and John Smidebush Endowment Fund


Dean & Margaret Lesher Foundation

Composer’s Corner

John and Jean Adamo
Lynn Adamo
Bill and Gerry Burke
Edwin and Shirley Cohen
John and Denise Davis
Charles and Jean Dormann
Carol Doyle
Steve and Jo Hansen
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Heyman
Sally Johnson
Nancy Lennstrom
Robert and Suzanne Sandusky
Barry and Ronna Slavin
Rolf and Carol Theisen
Michele Thompson