5 Acoustic Rock Bands You Need to Know About

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If you’re a fan of acoustic rock music, then you’ll want to check out these 5 bands that are making waves in the genre.


acoustic rock is a subgenre of rock music that combines elements of rock with those of pop, blues, and folk. It first became popular in the 1960s with bands such as Simon and Garfunkel, the Beatles, and the Beach Boys. In the 1970s, singers such as Carole King and James Taylor brought acoustic rock to a wider audience. In the 1980s and 1990s, new bands such as R.E.M. and Nirvana revitalized the genre with their own unique styles.

Today, there are many different artists who are influenced by acoustic rock, including John Mayer, Ben Howard, Ed Sheeran, and Hozier. If you’re a fan of this genre or are looking for some new music to check out, here are five bands you need to know about:

1. The Paper Kites: This five-piece band from Melbourne, Australia creates dreamy soundscapes with their soaring melodies and intricate guitar work. Their 2013 album States was nominated for two ARIA Awards (the Australian equivalent of the Grammy Awards) and features the singles “Bloom” and “Fever Pitch.”

2. Hozier: Hozier burst onto the scene in 2013 with his hugely successful single “Take Me to Church,” which earned him two Grammy nominations. His self-titled debut album showcases his soulful voice and impressive songwriting skills, and includes the singles “Someone New” and “Work Song.”

3. James Vincent McMorrow: McMorrow is an Irish singer-songwriter whose 2010 debut album Early in the Morning earned him critical acclaim. His haunting voice and minimalist arrangements are on full display on tracks like “We Don’t Eat” and “Higher Love.”

4. Benjamin Francis Leftwich: Leftwich is a British singer-songwriter whose 2011 debut album Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm was praised for its delicate beauty. His Sing Out Loud EP features the songs “Pictures” and “Shine,” which showcase his talent for crafting intimate acoustic tracks.

5. [ Niall Horan ]: Horan is best known as one of the members of One Direction, but he has also embarked on a successful solo career with his 2017 album Flicker . The album’s lead single “Slow Hands” became a top 10 hit in several countries, including Horan’s native Ireland.

5 Acoustic Rock Bands You Need to Know About

Acoustic rock is a subgenre of rock music that typically features acoustic guitars, drums and percussions, and sometimes even pianos and strings. While acoustic rock was initially indebted to folk rock and soft rock, it eventually evolved into its own sound in the late 1960s and 1970s with artists such as Simon & Garfunkel, Crosby, Stills & Nash, America, James Taylor, and Carole King. In the 1980s and 1990s, it was further popularized by the likes of R.E.M., Hootie & the Blowfish, Matchbox Twenty, and Sheryl Crow. Here are five contemporary acoustic rock bands that you need to know about.

1. The Paper Kites
Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, The Paper Kites is an indie folk band that has been making waves since 2011 with their gorgeous melodies and dreamy lyrics. Their debut album States was released in 2012 to much critical acclaim, followed by two more well-received albums in 2014 and 2016. The band is currently working on their fourth album.

2. Mumford & Sons
One of the most popular acoustic rock bands of the past decade, Mumford & Sons is a British quartet that formed in 2007. They have released four studio albums thus far, with their first three – Sigh No More (2010), Babel (2012), and Wilder Mind (2015) – all reaching the Number 1 spot on the UK Albums Chart. Their fourth album Delta is due out later this year.

3. The Head and the Heart
This Seattle-based indie folk band has been making music together since 2009, although they only released their self-titled debut album in 2011. Since then, they have released two more albums – Let’s Be Still (2013) and Signs of Light (2016) – both of which charted in the top 10 on the Billboard 200 chart in the United States. The band is currently working on their fourth album which is due out later this year.

4.(*using an asterisk creates a bullet point) Milk Carton Kids
The Milk Carton Kids is a Los Angeles-based duo consisting of Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan. Formed in 2011, they have released three albums – Prologue (2011), Retrospect (2013), and Monterey (2016) – all of which have been met with critical acclaim. They are currently working on their fourth album which is due out later this year.(*You can also use numbers to create a numbered list) 5.(*5th bullet point) Gregory Alan Isakov
A singer-songwriter originally from Johannesburg, South Africa , Gregory Alan Isakov has been based in Colorado for many years now . He has released five albums thus far , with his most recent – The Weatherman – coming out in 2017 . His music has been featured on several TV shows , including Grey’s Anatomy , Suits , Nashville , Station 19 ,(*new line)and This Is Us .

Why You Need to Check Out These Bands

If you’re a fan of acoustic rock, then you’re in for a treat. There are so many great bands out there making incredible music. Here are five of the best that you need to know about.

The Paper Kites are an Australian indie folk band that formed in 2010. Their music is beautiful and ethereal, with gorgeous vocalharmonies and stunning guitar work. They’ve released three studio albums, each of which has been met with critical acclaim.

The Staves are an English trio made up of sisters Emily, Jessica, and Camilla Staveley-Taylor. Their music is lush and emotive, with stunning three-part harmonies. They’ve released two albums, both of which are absolutely essential listening for any fan of acoustic rock.

brokenSocialScene is a Canadian indie rock supergroup that formed in 1999. The band is made up of an ever-changing lineup of musicians, but the core members include Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning. Their music is atmospheric and dreamy, with stunning production values. They’ve released five studio albums, all of which are essential listening.

Fleet Foxes are an American indie folk band that formed in 2006. Their music is gorgeous and gorgeous at the same time, with lush harmonies and intricate instrumentation. They’ve released three studio albums, each of which has been met with critical acclaim. Check them out!

Iron & Wine is the solo project of Singer-songwriter Sam Beam. His musicis intimate and personal, with sparse instrumentation and Beam’s emotive vocals at the forefront. He’s released six studio albums, each of which is well worth checking out.

What Makes These Bands Stand Out

In a genre oversaturated with talent, it can be hard to stand out. These five acoustic rock bands have found a way to do just that.

The first band on our list is The Paper Kites. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, this five-piece is best known for their hit song ” Bloom.” What sets The Paper Kites apart is their use of eclectic instrumentation. In addition to the standard guitar, bass, and drums, the band employs a banjo, piano, mandolin, and even a glockenspiel. This unique combination gives their music a distinctive sound that has resonated with fans around the world.

Next up isipper Mouth Hollow from Atlanta, Georgia. This quartet has been making waves in the music scene with their fresh take on folk rock. What sets them apart is their use of non-traditional folk instruments like the fiddle and accordion. This give their music a traditional folk feel with a modern twist.

Third on our list is Dreamers Delight from Los Angeles, California. This trio is quickly becoming known for their catchy melodies and lush harmonies. What sets them apart is their use of electronics in their music. This gives their sound a dreamy quality that has led to them being dubbed “the successors to The Beach Boys.”

Fourth on our list is The Staves from Watford, England. This sister trio is known for their gorgeous three-part harmonies. What sets them apart is their minimalist approach to songwriting. Their songs are often just voice and guitars, but they always manage to evoke emotion and tell a story.

Last but not least is Boy & Bear from Sydney, Australia. This five-piece band has been making waves with their anthemic indie rock tunes. What sets them apart is the writing style of frontman Dave Hosking. His songs are often personal and introspective, but they always manage to strike a chord with listeners around the world


In conclusion, here are 5 acoustic rock bands you need to know about:

-The Paper Kites
-Matt Costa
-George Ezra
-Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

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