Indie Rock Desert Music Video: Where Flowers Grow from Chest

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Looking for something different in your music diet? Check out this awesome new indie rock video from the band Desert, called “Where Flowers Grow from Chest.” It’s a little bit weird, a little bit dark, and totally captivating.

Introduce the concept of an “Indie Rock Desert Music Video”

An Indie Rock Desert Music Video is a type of music video that is set in a desert landscape and features indie rock music. These videos often have a dreamlike or surreal quality, and may feature desert flora and fauna as well as human characters.

Describe the setting of the video

The video is set in a desert with cacti and other plants. The ground is covered in sand and there are mountains in the distance. The sky is blue and there is a breeze blowing.

Introduce the main character

In the music video for “Where Flowers Grow from Chest”, we are introduced to the main character, a young woman who is struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic desert world. She is shown fighting off scavengers, searching for water, and trying to find shelter. Throughout the video, she is also shown flashbacks of her life before the world ended, including memories of her family and loved ones. The video ends with the woman finally succumbing to her injuries and dying in the desert.

Describe the plot of the video

The video opens with a young woman driving through the desert. She’s listening to music on the radio and singing along. Suddenly, she sees a flower growing out of the sand. She stops to pick it and puts it in her hair. She drives on, and we see her arriving at a party in the desert. She’s met by friends, and they all start dancing. The video ends with the woman driving back into the desert alone, still singing along to the music on the radio.

Offer a interpretation of the video’s ending

The video’s dreamy, ethereal quality is emphasized by the fact that it takes place in a desert. The plants and animals in the video represent growth and life in a place where one might not expect to find it. The video ends with the main character walking away from the camera, into the desert. This could be interpreted as her leaving her old life behind and embarking on a new journey.

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