Alexander Hamilton: The Hip Hop Musical

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Alexander Hamilton: The Hip Hop Musical is a groundbreaking new show that tells the story of one of America’s founding fathers in a completely unique way. By using the music and lyrics of hip hop, the show brings Hamilton’s story to life in a way that has never been seen before.


Alexander Hamilton: The Hip Hop Musical is a hip hop musical based on the life of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. The musical was created by Lin-Manuel Miranda and debuted on Broadway in 2015. It has been praised for its innovative use of hip hop music to tell Hamilton’s story and for its accurate portrayal of historical events.

The Early Years

Alexander Hamilton was born in the West Indies on the island of Nevis,British West Indies. He was the illegitimate son of James Hamilton, a Scottish merchant, and Rachel Fawcett Lavien, who was of Huguenot descent. Rachel’s husband, Johann Michael Lavien, had deserted her; she later divorced him. Hamilton had an older brother James; their sister Elizabeth would later marry Horatio Gates (the future American general).

The American Revolution

Alexander Hamilton was one of the key figures in the American Revolution. He was born in the British West Indies and came to the American colonies in 1772 to study at King’s College (now Columbia University). He quickly became involved in the resistance to British rule and was a leading author of revolutionary pamphlets. When the war broke out, he joined the Continental Army and served with distinction. After the war, he was a leading advocate for ratifying the Constitution and became one of its most important interpreters as a founding member of the Federalist Party. He served as the first Secretary of the Treasury and played a key role in shaping American economic policy. He died in 1804 in a duel with Aaron Burr.

The Constitution and Founding of the United States

Alexander Hamilton was born on January 11, 1757, on the Caribbean island of Nevis. He was the second of two boys born to Rachel Faucette Lavien and James Hamilton. His father abandoned the family when Alexander was just a young boy, and his mother died when he was eleven. As a result, Alexander was sent to live with his cousins in New Jersey, where he received a good education.

In 1774, at the age of seventeen, Alexander Hamilton attended the first Continental Congress in Philadelphia as a delegate from New York. He continued to play an active role in politics during the Revolutionary War, serving as George Washington’s aide-de-camp and as a member of the Continental Army.

After the war, Hamilton helped to draft the Constitution and assisted in its ratification. He also played a key role in founding several financial institutions, including the Bank of New York and The Federalist Papers. In 1789, he became the first Secretary of the Treasury, a position he held until his resignation in 1795.

Alexander Hamilton died on July 12, 1804, after being mortally wounded in a duel with Aaron Burr.

Hamilton’s Economic Policies

Alexander Hamilton was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and was one of the main authors of The Federalist Papers. He was also the first Secretary of the Treasury. As such, he played a major role in shaping the economic policies of the new nation.

Hamilton’s economic policies can be summarized as follows:
-He believed in a strong central government with broad powers to promote the economic development of the nation.
-He favored high tariffs and other barriers to trade, in order to protect and encourage domestic industry.
-He supported a national bank, which would help to stabilize the economy and promote lending.
-He advocated for federal subsidies for infrastructure projects, such as roads and canals.

The Duel with Aaron Burr

On the morning of July 11, 1804, Hamilton and Burr met on the heights of Weehawken in New Jersey to settle their differences with a duel. Burr fired first, aiming to kill Hamilton. Hamilton, who had been facing away at the time and was thus unaware that Burr had fired, then took his own shot. His shot missed Burr, but the ball struck a tree behind him. Burr chose not to fire again, and Hamilton died the following day as a result of his injuries.

Later Years and Legacy

In the later years of his life, Hamilton continued to be an active and influential figure in American politics. He served as a member of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, which drafted the Constitution of the United States. He also co-founded the Bank of New York, and was one of the first members of the Federalist Party.

Hamilton’s legacy has been debated by historians and scholars ever since his death. Some have praised him as a visionary who helped to create a strong and prosperous nation, while others have criticized him for his support of slavery and economic inequality. However, there is no doubt that Alexander Hamilton was one of the most important and influential figures in American history.

The Hip Hop Musical

Alexander Hamilton: The Hip Hop Musical is a musical about the life of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, with music, lyrics, and book by Lin-Manuel Miranda. The show, inspired by the 2004 biography Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow, achieved both commercial and critical success.


Alexander Hamilton: The Hip Hop Musical is a fascinating and unique take on the life of one of America’s most important founding fathers. Through the use of hip hop music, the musical tells the story of Hamilton’s life in a way that is both entertaining and educational. It is clear that a great deal of thought and care went into the creation of this musical, and it is sure to entertain and enlighten audiences of all ages.

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