Apple Acquires Primephonic to Boost Classical Music Selection

Apple has acquired Primephonic, a streaming service for classical music, in a bid to boost its classical music selection.


Apple has acquired Primephonic, a streaming service specializing in high-quality classical music recordings, in a move that will bolster the company’s music offerings. Primephonic offers a lossless audio experience, which means that users will be able to stream music at a higher quality than what is offered on other platforms. In addition, the service has a curated selection of music, with expert-led editorial content and playlists. The acquisition is a sign that Apple is looking to expand its music offerings beyond the popular genres that it currently offers.

What is Primephonic?

Apple has acquired digital classical music service Primephonic in what could be a bid to boost its classical music selection and bolster its Apple Music streaming service.

Primephonic is a Netherlands-based streaming service that offers high-quality lossless audio recordings of classical music. The company has a catalog of over 1 million tracks, including works by Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, and Mozart, as well as more modern composers such as John Adams and Philip Glass.

Primephonic offers two tiers of service: a free, ad-supported tier and a premium subscription that costs $9.99 per month or $99 per year. The premium subscription includes access to higher-quality audio recordings, as well as exclusive content and discounts on concert tickets and other classical music merchandise.

It is not yet clear how Apple plans to integrate Primephonic into its existing music services, but the acquisition could be a way for the technology giant to attract more classical music fans to its streaming platform.

What does this acquisition mean for Apple?

The Apple-owned Beats music streaming service has just announced the acquisition of Primephonic, a classical music-focused streaming platform. The deal is intended to boost Apple’s already strong selection of music streaming options and bolster its position in the ever-growing market.

This acquisition comes as no surprise, as Apple has been slowly but surely making moves to appeal to a wider range of music fans. In recent years, the company has added features like support for FLAC files and lossless audio to its iTunes store, and it launched Apple Music with a wide variety of genres available.

With Primephonic on board, Beats will now offer one of the most comprehensive selections of classical music available anywhere. The move will likely be welcomed by audiophiles and classical fans alike, and it should help Apple keep pace with its competitors in the streaming music space.


Apple Inc. has announced the acquisition of Primephonic, a classical music streaming and download service. The deal will boost Apple’s classical music selection and improve its streaming music offerings. Primephonic’s streaming service offers high-quality, lossless audio and its app has been featured in the App Store’s “Best of” list. The company has a library of over 1 million tracks and offers a free trial.

Apple’s history with music

Apple has a long and complicated history with music. The company has been both praised and criticized for its efforts to enter the music industry and shape the way people consume music.

Apple was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The duo created the first Apple computer, which they sold to hobbyists. In 1979, they introduced the Apple II, which became one of the first commercially successful personal computers.

In 2001, Apple introduced the iPod, which revolutionized the way people listen to music. The iPod was small, portable, and easy to use, and it quickly became one of the most popular music players on the market. In 2007, Apple introduced the iPhone, which included a built-in iPod player. In 2010, Apple introduced the iPad, which also included an iPod player.

In 2015, Apple launched Apple Music, a streaming music service that offers access to millions of songs. Apple Music allows users to stream songs on demand or download them for offline listening. It also offers some exclusive features, such as Beats 1 Radio and Connect, which allow artists to interact with fans directly.

Apple’s history with music is long and complicated. The company has been both praised and criticized for its efforts to enter the music industry and shape the way people consume music.

Primephonic’s history and mission

Founded in 2015, Primephonic is a digital music service created by a group of classical music lovers who saw the need for a better way to enjoy and discover classical music in the digital age.

With over 1 million tracks in its catalog, Primephonic offers one of the largest selections of classical music available anywhere. The company’s mission is to help people explore, enjoy and appreciate classical music in new and innovative ways.

Apple’s acquisition of Primephonic is part of the company’s broader effort to expand its services offerings and provide customers with more ways to enjoy their favorite music.

The Acquisition

Apple has announced that it has acquired Primephonic, a classical music streaming service. This move will bolster Apple’s already impressive music streaming offerings. Primephonic offers lossless audio quality and a comprehensive catalogue of classical music.

What will Apple gain from Primephonic?

Apple has long been the go-to platform for digital music, with a vast library of songs spanning all genres. However, one area where Apple has lagged behind its competitors is in classical music. This is where Primephonic comes in.

Founded in 2015, Primephonic is a digital music service that specializes in classical music. It offers high-quality recordings, expertly curated playlists, and personalized recommendations. In short, it’s the perfect way for classical music lovers to discover new repertoire and explore the great works of the Western canonical tradition.

So what will Apple gain from acquiring Primephonic? For starters, it will be able to boost its selection of classical music, making its platform more attractive to this niche but passionate group of listeners. In addition, Primephonic’s team of experts will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to Apple Music, helping to make it the go-to destination for all things classical.

What will happen to Primephonic?

It’s unclear what will happen to Primephonic now that it’s been acquired by Apple. The service offers a high-quality streaming option for classical music, which could be a valuable addition to Apple Music. Alternatively, Apple may integrate Primephonic’s technology into its existing service.

Primephonic CEO Mr. Thomas Bentinck said in a statement, “We are thrilled to announce that Primephonic is joining Apple. We have long admired Apple’s commitment to music and we are excited to bring our expertise in classical music streaming to Apple Music.”

Apple has not yet announced any plans for Primephonic, so it remains to be seen how the acquisition will affect the service.


The recent acquisition of Primephonic by Apple could be a major game-changer for the streaming market. Primephonic is a music streaming service that specializes in classical music. The acquisition could help Apple boost its classical music selection and appeal to a new demographic of music lovers. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the coming months.

For Apple

The acquisition of Primephonic is a boost for Apple in the classical music streaming market. Primephonic offers high-quality, lossless streaming of classical music, and has a library of over 1 million tracks. The company also has a deep understanding of the classical music genre, and its team will be a valuable addition to Apple Music.

By acquiring Primephonic, Apple will be able to quickly expand its classical music offering, and also bring new expertise to the Apple Music team. This will help Apple better compete against existing players in the market, such as Naxos and Idagio.

For the music industry

The Apple-Primephonic deal is a sign that the global recorded music industry is embracing the potential of classical music streaming.

This is good news for the music industry, which has been struggling to grow revenue in recent years. Classical music streaming is a relatively small but growing part of the business, and Apple’s acquisition of Primephonic will give it a boost.

The deal could also help to grow the market for classical music streaming more broadly. Primephonic has built up a large and loyal customer base, and its technology is highly regarded. Apple’s backing could help to increase awareness of classical music streaming and encourage more people to give it a try.

And finally, the deal is a vote of confidence in the future of classical music streaming more generally. It shows that major players in the recorded music industry believe that this format has real potential and is worth investing in.

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