Psychedelic Art at the Beach: Sexy Rock n Roll

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Come explore Psychedelic Art at the Beach with us! We’ve got sexy rock n roll, and all the colors of the rainbow.


Psychedelic art at the beach is an annual event that takes place in Santa Cruz, California. The event is a celebration of psychedelic art, music, and culture. Sexy Rock n Roll is the theme of this year’s event, which will feature live music, performances, art installations, and more.

Psychedelic Art

Psychedelic art is art, music, fashion, films and videos that reflect the artists’ desire to break away from mainstream materialism and corporatism. Psychedelic art is often inspired by or draws on the experience of altered states of consciousness, such as through the use of LSD, mescaline, psilocybin mushrooms and DMT. The word “psychedelic” (coined by British psychiatrist Humphry Osmond in 1956) means “mind manifesting”. Psychedelic art aims to evoke or reflect the experience of altered states of consciousness. Psychedelic art uses highly distorted, vivid colors to manipulate human senses. These artworks often feature swirls and patterns to convey chaos and movement.

The Beach

Beach Psychedelic Art is a beautifully designed and printed coffee table book celebrating the vibrant colors, wild styles, and sexy energy of the 1970s rock music scene.

With over 200 photographs, many never-before-seen, this book documents the fashion and art of the times with an insider’s view of the characters and events that made the culture so exciting.

Whether you were there or not, Beach Psychedelic Art at the Beach: Sexy Rock n Roll will take you back to a time when life was lived with a little more edge, style, and sexiness.

Sexy Rock n Roll

Psychedelic art at the beach features paintings and sculptures of alluring women in bikinis and other scantily clad attire. The colors are bright and vibrant, and the overall aesthetic is one of fun and freedom. This type of art is often seen as an expression of the artist’s sexual fantasies, and it can be both controversial and popular.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for some sexy, psychedelic art to take to the beach with you, look no further than this collection of artwork by artist Robert Crumb. With its colorful and erotic depictions of rock n roll musicians, this is sure to be a hit with anyone who appreciates great art. Thanks for checking it out!

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