Blue Monday: The Techno Music Video with a Cat

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This Monday may be a little blue, but we’ve got the perfect pick-me-up: a techno music video featuring a cat! This feline friend gets down to some serious beats, and we guarantee it’ll put a smile on your face.

Blue Monday by New Order

The music video for New Order’s “Blue Monday” was released in 1983 and was directed by Michael Hsueh. The video features a blue cat dancing to the music in a club-like setting.

The video was simply intended to be a fun and funky way to promote the song, but it has since become iconic, thanks in part to the popularity of the Internet. In 2007, the video was inducted into the Museum of Modern Art’s “Electronic Arts Intermix” collection.

The Techno Music Video with a Cat

Blue Monday is a techno music video with a cat that became a viral internet sensation in 2007. The video features a blue British shorthair cat named Smokie dancing and meowing to the techno song “Blue Monday” by the German band Kraftwerk.

The cat in the video

The cat in the video is a Russian Blue named Tika, who is also the star of the YouTube channel “Blue Monday”. The channel is named after the song “Blue Monday” by the band New Order, which is also featured in the video. Tika has been featured in several videos on the channel, which have a combined total of over 1 million views.

The music in the video

The music in the video consists of two parts, an instrumental and a remix. The instrumental is the original track by the band New Order, and the remix was done by the DJ Paul Oakenfold.

The overall look and feel of the video

The Blue Monday: The Techno Music Video with a Cat has a very dark and mysterious look and feel to it. The color palette is very limited, mostly consisting of blues, blacks, and grays. The majority of the video is shot in close up, making it feel very intimate. Only a few shots are shown in full body, and these are usually quick shots of the cat walking or running. The music is techno, and it has a heavy beat that carries throughout the video.

How the video reflects the song

The music video for Blue Monday by New Order is a perfect reflection of the song itself. The video is set in a club, with bright lights and fast-paced images to match the energy of the music. We see a woman dancing alone in the club, and then we see a cat walking through the club.

The lyrics of the song

The lyrics of the song are about a break-up and the feeling of loneliness that accompanies it. The video reflects this by showing a cat living alone in an apartment, seemingly waiting for someone to come home. As the video progresses, the cat becomes more and more restless, until ultimately it destroys the apartment in a fit of rage. This represents the destructive nature of loneliness and the lengths someone will go to get rid of it.

The melody of the song

The melody of the song is very similar to that of the original Blue Monday song by New Order. The beat is also very similar, with a heavy techno feel. The video features a blue cat walking around a city, with various images superimposed over the cat’s head. These images include dancers, people walking on streets, and other city scenes. At certain points in the video, the blue cat turns into a dancing humanoid figure.

The overall tone of the song

The song is written in a minor key and has a dark, foreboding atmosphere. The lyrics are about feeling unhappy and alone, which is also reflected in the music video. The video features a black cat walking around an abandoned cityscape, which further adds to the feeling of loneliness and despair.

The impact of the video

Blue Monday is a techno music video with a cat that became an internet sensation in 2016. The video went viral, receiving over 10 million views on YouTube. It has been described as “mesmerizing,” “soothing,” and “uplifting.” The video has also been credited with helping people relax and improve their moods.

How the video has helped New Order’s career

Since the release of their groundbreaking music video for “Blue Monday”, New Order have seen their career skyrocket. The video, which features a cat dancing along to the band’s iconic song, has become an internet sensation, with millions of views on YouTube and other video sharing sites.

The popularity of the video has helped New Order gain a whole new audience, as people who may not have been familiar with their music before are now seeking it out. In addition, the band has seen a significant increase in concert ticket sales and merchandise sales.

There is no doubt that the “Blue Monday” video has had a positive impact on New Order’s career, and it is safe to say that it will continue to do so for many years to come.

The video has helped many people learn about and become interested in techno music. It has also popularized the use of cats in techno videos, which has led to an uptick in the popularity of cats among techno fans.

While the video for Blue Monday by Orgy may be best known for its use of a blue-hued cat in the opening seconds, the role that felines have played in electronic music videos stretches back much further. In fact, some argue that it was the inclusion of a cat in the video for Kraftwerk’s 1974 song Autobahn that really started the trend.

In recent years, cats have become increasingly popular as stars of electronic music videos. One of the most famous examples is the video for Swedish House Mafia’s Don’t You Worry Child, which features a blue-eyed kitten prominently throughout. The video has been viewed over 300 million times on YouTube, and has helped to make cats more popular than ever before.

While some may argue that using animals in music videos is exploitative, there is no denying that cats have become an important part of the electronic music landscape. So next time you see a cat in a music video, remember that they are helping to keep the genre alive and thriving.

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