The Best Bluegrass Folk Music to Listen to Right Now

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It’s no secret that bluegrass music has been on the rise in recent years. Here are some of the best bluegrass folk music albums to listen to right now.

The Revivalists

The Revivalists are a folk-rock band from New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. Formed in 2007, the band consists of seven members: David Shaw (lead vocals, guitar), Zack Feinberg (guitar), Ed Williams (guitar), George Gekas (bass guitar), Rob Ingraham (saxophone), Michael Girardot (keyboard, trumpet) and Andrew Campanelli (drums). The band’s sound is a blend of rock ‘n’ roll and blues with tinges of southern rock and jam bands.

The Head and the Heart

Formed in 2009, The Head and the Heart is a indie folk band from Seattle, Washington. The group is composed of Josiah Johnson (vocals, guitar, percussion), Jonathan Russell (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Charity Rose Thielen (violin, vocals), Chris Zasche (bass), Tyler Williams (drums), and Matt Gervais (keyboard). Their self-titled debut album was released in 2011 on Sub Pop Records. The album peaked at number 5 on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums chart and number 10 on the Top Rock Albums chart. It was also nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical.

The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers are an American folk rock band from Mount Pleasant, North Carolina. The band is made up of two brothers, Scott Avett and Seth Avett, as well as Bob Crawford and Joe Kwon. The Avett Brothers have released eight studio albums and four live albums. They are known for their talented musicianship, beautiful harmonies, and infectious energy. If you’re looking for some great bluegrass folk music to listen to right now, be sure to check out the Avett Brothers!

The Lumineers

The Lumineers are an American folk rock band based in Denver, Colorado. The band’s initial lineup consisted of Wesley Schultz on guitar and lead vocals, multi-instrumentalist and backing vocalist Neyla Pekarek, and drummer Jeremiah Fraites. The Lumineers achieved success relatively early on with their debut album, which was released in 2012. The album’s lead single, “Ho Hey”, peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and was certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Iron & Wine

4:44 p.m.

If you’re looking for some new music to help you relax or get through your workday, look no further than Iron & Wine. The Americana/folk band, led by singer-songwriter Sam Beam, released its first album in 2002 and has been putting out beautiful music ever since.

Iron & Wine’s sound is hard to describe, but if you’re a fan of Bon Iver or Nick Drake, you’ll likely enjoy Beam’s ethereal voice and gentle acoustic guitar. And if you’re not a fan of those artists, well, maybe you should give them a try too.

In any case, here are some of our favorite Iron & Wine songs to help get you through the day:

1. “Tree by the River”
2. “Jealousy”
3. “House by the Sea”
4. “Call It Dreaming”
5. “Bitter Truth”
6. “Resurrection Fern”
7. “Boy with a Coin”

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