Brahma Kumaris: The Best Instrumental Music

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Looking for some amazing instrumental music to help you relax and unwind? Look no further than Brahma Kumaris! This world-renowned music group has been creating beautiful, soothing music for over 80 years, and their recordings are some of the most popular in the world.

The History of Brahma Kumaris

Founded in 1937 by Dada Lekhraj, Brahma Kumaris is a spiritual organization that teaches Raja Yoga. They have over 8,500 centers in over 130 countries. The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is headquartered in Mt. Abu, Rajasthan, India. They offer many services such as meditation, retreats, and workshops. They also have a radio station, a TV channel, and a website.

The origins of Brahma Kumaris

The Brahma Kumaris movement was founded in 1937 by Dada Lekhraj Kripalani, also known as Brahma Baba. It began as a Hindu spiritual organisation in India but has since spread to countries all over the world.

The Brahma Kumaris believe in the existence of a single supreme god, which they call Shiv Baba or God Shiva. They believe that all other gods are His creation and are therefore subordinate to Him. They also teach that the soul is immortal and that the cycle of birth and death can be transcended through spiritual knowledge and meditation.

The Brahma Kumaris place a strong emphasis on the power of positive thinking and on the need to lead a moral life. They teach that all humans have the potential to attain divine qualities such as love, peace and wisdom.

The Brahma Kumaris today

The Brahma Kumaris today is a world-wide spiritual movement dedicated to personal transformation and world renewal. Rooted in the ancient wisdom of the Vedas, they uphold the universality of all religions and teach the realization of God as our true selves, or Soul. The foundation of their practice is daily meditation on the inward Light and Sound of God.

Brahma Kumaris offers a range of programs and activities to help individuals experience inner peace and develop positive attitudes and lifestyles. These include:

-Mind Management Through Meditation: A broad range of drop-in classes, workshops, talks, and retreats that offer effective techniques for managing stress, improving relationships, increasing work efficiency, and gaining insights into our true nature.
-Yoga for Health: Physical and mental exercises to relax the body and calm the mind.
-Peace Education: Workshops and courses that develop skills for living with joy, creativity,and fulfillment; managing conflict;and creating healthy relationships.
-Spiritual mentoring: One-on-one support for those seeking guidance on their spiritual journey.

The Benefits of Brahma Kumaris


Brahma Kumaris is an Indian spiritual movement that promotes the practice of meditation and spiritual understanding. The movement was founded in 1937 by Brahma Baba. followers of Brahma Kumaris believe that meditation can help bring about inner peace and harmony.

There are many benefits of Brahma Kumaris, including relaxation, stress relief, improved mental clarity and focus, and improved physical health. The practice of Brahma Kumaris can also help to improve relationships and to promote social and interpersonal skills.

Improved concentration

Brahma Kumaris is an instrumental music program that uses the power of sound to improve concentration and focus. The practice is based on the belief that when we hear certain sounds, we can better direct our attention and access higher states of consciousness.

Instrumental music has been used for centuries to promote well-being and facilitate relaxation. The Brahma Kumaris program is based on the same principles, but with a specific focus on concentration and mental clarity.

The Brahma Kumaris program consists of four main parts: listening to instrumental music, practicing meditation, attending workshops, and participating in group discussions. Each part of the program is designed to help you improve your concentration and focus.

Listening to instrumental music helps you relax and clear your mind. The music is specifically chosen to be calming and refreshing, so it can help you feel more centered and focused.

Practicing meditation helps you learn how to control your thoughts and direct your attention. The Brahma Kumaris program offers a variety of meditation techniques that you can use to improve your concentration.

Attending workshops gives you the opportunity to learn from experienced instructors and discuss the concepts of concentration and focus with other participants. You’ll also have the chance to practice what you’ve learned in a safe and supportive environment.

Participating in group discussions allows you to share your experiences with others who are working on similar goals. This supportive community can help you stay motivated and focused on your goal of improving your concentration.

The Different Types of Brahma Kumaris

Brahma Kumaris is a type of Indian music that is very popular in India. It is said to be the best type of instrumental music. Brahma Kumaris is played with a lot of different instruments, such as the sitar, tabla, and flute.

Raja Yoga

Raja Yoga is the type of Brahma Kumaris that is most commonly known. This type of Yoga emphasizes the importance of the mind and its power over the body. It teaches that through controlling the mind, we can achieve control over the body and our emotions. Raja Yoga Brahma Kumaris also believe in reincarnation and karma, and that we are all on a journey to self-realization.

Gyan Yoga

Gyan Yoga:
The Brahma Kumaris practice what is called “Gyan Yoga.” Gyan means “knowledge” and Yoga means “union.” So, Gyan Yoga is the union of knowledge and the soul. The Brahma Kumaris believe that there are seven chakras, or energy points, in the body. They use these chakras to connect with the Divine.

Brahma Kumaris use their chakras to connect with the Divine through a process called pranayama. Pranayama is a Sanskrit word that means “breath control.” The Brahma Kumaris believe that by controlling their breath, they can control their thoughts and emotions. This allows them to remain calm and clear-headed in all situations.

The Brahma Kumaris also use meditation and chanting to connect with the Divine. They believe that these practices help them to become one with God.

Bhakti Yoga

The Bhakti yoga path is one of love,devotion, and service. It involves cultivating relationships with a higher power, the guru, and other devotees. It is a path of self-transformation through which the ego is dissolved and one experiences union with the divine.

The four main practices of bhakti yoga are ritual worship (puja), listening to and chanting sacred scripture (kirtan), studying sacred texts (sravanam), and selfless service (seva). These practices help to purify the heart and open the door to divine love.

Bhakti yoga is suitable for all types of people, regardless of their background or spiritual beliefs. It is a powerful practice that can transform your life and lead you to inner peace and happiness.

The Different Types of Music

Instrumental music is a music without any words, and it is used to create musical atmosphere. It can be used for relaxation, or to create an atmosphere of fear, anger, or love. Brahmas Kumaris is one of the best instrumental music. It helps you to connect with your inner self and to create a spiritual atmosphere.


Kirtan is a form of music derived from the Hindu tradition that involves singing or chanting religious or spiritual narratives. The word “kirtan” comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “to repeat,” and it is often used as a form of meditation. Kirtan is usually performed with traditional instruments such as the harmonium, tabla, and mridangam, and it often uses call-and-response singing to create a sense of community and connection.


Mantras are sacred sounds which have the power to transform our consciousness. When we chant a mantra with sincerity, concentration and feeling, it purifies our consciousness and connects us with the divine energy of the universe.

The word mantra comes from the Sanskrit root man, meaning ‘to think’. A mantra is therefore a tool for spiritual transformation, a sacred sound which has the power to purify and transform our consciousness.

BK Shelvin is an accomplished musician who has been playing the sitar for over 30 years. His music is based on traditional Indian ragas (melodic scales), but he also uses western scales and modes in his compositions. He has created a beautiful collection of instrumental music which is perfect for meditation and relaxation.

The mantras on this album are chanted in Hindi, but they can be chanted in any language. The important thing is to focus on the meaning of the words and to chant with sincerity, concentration and feeling. As you chant, you will purify your consciousness and connect with the divine energy of the universe.


Chants are typically repetitive and often quite simple, making them easy to learn and remember. They usually don’t have any lyrics, but instead focus on the sound of the words themselves. Chants can be used for many purposes, including prayer, meditation, celebration, and as a form of self-expression.

There are many different types of chants, from the Buddhist “om mani padme hum” to the repetitive “hallelujah” chant often used in Christian church services. Some chants are based on traditional melodies while others are completely improvised. Chanting can be done alone or in groups, and it can be accompanied by instruments or sung a cappella.

How to Choose the Right Brahma Kumaris Music

Are you looking for some peaceful and relaxing instrumental music? Well, look no further than Brahma Kumaris music. This type of music is perfect for meditation, yoga, or just simply unwinding after a long day. But with so many Brahma Kumaris CDs out there, how do you know which one to choose? Here are a few tips to help you pick the right one.

Consider your purpose

Instrumental music can be used for many purposes, from helping you relax to providing background noise at a party. Consider what you want to use the music for before making your selection.

If you’re looking for relaxing Brahma Kumaris music, you might want to choose something with a slower tempo and mellower tones. On the other hand, if you’re planning to use the music as background noise at a party or gathering, something with a faster tempo and more upbeat sounds may be more appropriate.

You should also consider the length of the tracks when making your selection. If you just need a few minutes of Brahma Kumaris music to help you relax or focus, shorter tracks may be all you need. However, if you’re looking for continuous background music, longer tracks will be more convenient.

Consider the type of music

The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (also called “Om Shanti” or ” Shantivan”) has produced a large variety of music over the years, with the goal of supporting meditation and personal transformation. While some of this music is very traditional Indian music, other recordings are more modern and western in style. There is also a growing body of children’s music being created by the Brahma Kumaris.

When choosing music for your own use, it is important to consider the type of music that you feel most comfortable with and that will best support your own meditation practice. If you are new to meditation, you may want to start with something that is more calming and soothing. If you are already experienced in meditation, you may find that more upbeat or even Transformational: The Best Instrumental Music can be helpful in deepening your practice.

It is also important to consider the length of the piece of music you choose. For many people, it is helpful to have shorter pieces of music that they can easily stop and start as needed during their meditation practice. Other people may find that they prefer longer pieces of music that they can sinking into and really letting go with. There is no right or wrong answer here – it is simply a matter of what works best for you.

Finally, keep in mind that you can always return to a piece of music later if it doesn’t work for you right away. Just because you don’t love a piece of Brahma Kumaris music at first doesn’t mean it won’t grow on you over time. Give each recording a fair chance and see how it feels after sitting with it for a while.

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