Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk Music Video – White O Neck Shirt

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Bruno Mars is back with another catchy tune, and this time he’s got us dancing in our white O-neck shirts! The new music video for “Uptown Funk” is everything we’ve come to expect from Bruno Mars: catchy beats, smooth moves, and plenty of style.


In Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” music video, the singer is seen wearing a white O-neck shirt. The shirt is form-fitting and has short sleeves. It is made of a thin, stretchy material that clings to Mars’ body. The shirt has a V-neckline that dips down low, showing off some of the singer’s chest. The shirt is tucked into a pair of tight, black pants. The pants have a low rise and are made of a thick, sturdy material. They are tight on Mars’ legs, showing off his muscular thighs. Mars is also wearing a pair of black sneakers with white laces. His hair is styled in its signature quiff, and he is wearing sunglasses throughout the video.

The Uptown Funk Music Video

The Uptown Funk music video is one of Bruno Mars’ most popular songs. The video features Mars and his band dancing and performing in a variety of locations. The white o neck shirt that Mars wears in the video is a key part of the video’s style.

The Concept

The uptown funk music video is a Bruno Mars music video that was released in 2014. The video features Mars and his band performing the song in a number of different settings, including on a street corner, in a car, and in front of a live audience. The video also includes a number of cameo appearances, including from actor Donald Glover and singer Janelle MonĂ¡e.

The Location

The location of the music video is in Los Angeles, and it was filmed in various locations around the city. The first location is an abandoned warehouse that has been turned into a makeshift dance studio. The second location is a parking lot where a group of people are breakdancing. The third location is a school gymnasium where Bruno Mars is performing with his band. The fourth location is a street corner where people are dancing and doing sidewalk art.

The Outfits

The outfits in the music video are what make it so great. They are all different and unique in their own way, but they all come together to create a amazing cohesive look. Bruno Mars is wearing a white o neck shirt that says “Uptown Funk” on it. He also has on a pair of black pants with a gold chain and a black fedora. The other members of the band are wearing different colored shirts, but they all have one thing in common: they are all rocking some serious style.

The White O-Neck Shirt

Bruno Mars killed it with his Uptown Funk music video! The video features Bruno and his band mates dancing and jamming out in an abandoned city. But, the best part of the video is when Bruno dons a white o-neck shirt. The shirt is simple, but it really makes the video.

The Significance

The white o-neck shirt that Bruno Mars wears in the “Uptown Funk” music video has a significant meaning. The shirt symbolizes Bruno Mars’ support for the Black Lives Matter movement. The shirt also represents Bruno Mars’ respect for the late singer Prince, who was known for his fashion sense and his iconic purple color.

The Style

The style of shirt that Bruno Mars is wearing in the music video for “Uptown Funk” is an o-neck shirt. This style of shirt has a round neckline that sits at the base of the neck. The shirt is usually made from a thinner, softer material than a regular t-shirt and often has lace or other detailing around the neckline. This style of shirt is often worn by women as a casual top or under a blazer or cardigan.

The Color

The white O-neck shirt that Bruno Mars wears in the “Uptown Funk” music video is iconic. It’s a simple, classic shirt that looks good on any man. But what makes this shirt so special?

The color of the shirt is what makes it stand out. White is a versatile color that can be worn with almost anything. It’s also a great color for summer, because it reflects heat and helps keep you cool.

The fit of the shirt is also important. It’s loose and relaxed, which makes it comfortable to wear. And the fabric is lightweight, so it won’t weigh you down in the hot weather.

If you’re looking for a shirt that will keep you cool and make you look good, the white O-neck shirt is a great choice.


In conclusion, the white O neck shirt that Bruno Mars wore in his “Uptown Funk” music video was most likely a custom made shirt. There are many replicas of this shirt available for purchase, but it is not an exact match. If you are looking for a Bruno Mars “Uptown Funk” replica shirt, the best option is to purchase a white O neck shirt and have it custom made.

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