Calling You Darling: A New EDM Hit

Calling You Darling is a new EDM hit that’s taking the music world by storm. If you’re a fan of electronic dance music, then you need to check this out!


Darling, the new track by producer Zedd, is a hit. The song has taken the EDM world by storm, and its catchy melody and drop are sure to get you moving. But what makes this song so special? Let’s take a look at what makes Darling so great.

The making of the song

It all started with a phone call. Singer-songwriter Christina Grimmie was on the other end of the line, sharing a new idea with her producer. Grimmie had been playing around with the melody for a while and felt confident that it could be a hit. The producer agreed and they got to work.

The inspiration behind the song

songwriter Jakob Hermansen was in the studio with producers Lars Skillbred and Johan Wendel. They had been working on a different project together, but the day wasn’t going as planned. “We were just jamming and nothing was really happening,” Hermansen recalls. “So I took a break and sat down at the piano.” He started playing a melody that had been stuck in his head for weeks. The other two producers instantly stopped what they were doing and joined him at the piano. “That’s when we knew we had something special,” Wendel says.

The song is built around a simple chord progression, but it’s the melody that makes it stand out. “I wanted to write something that would be easy for people to sing along to,” Hermansen explains. “I wanted it to be catchy, but also have an emotional depth to it.”

The lyrics for the song came together quickly, inspired by a relationship Hermansen was in at the time. “I was in a long-distance relationship and I was missing my partner a lot,” he says. “So the song is about wanting to be with someone you love, no matter what.”

The track was finished in just two days, andSkillbred recalls that they all knew it was special from the very first listen. “It just had this feeling of happiness and love,” he says. “It made you want to smile and dance.”

The production of the song

Producer Jaxon Cash was sitting in his studio in Hollywood, California when he got the call from rapper Lil Yachty. Yachty wanted a new EDM hit for his upcoming album, and he wanted Cash to produce it.

Cash got to work immediately, creating a track that would become the song “Darling.” He started with a simple melody, then added layers of sound until the track was complete. The final product was a catchy, electronic song with a rap verse from Yachty.

“Darling” was released as a single on iTunes and quickly became a hit. It even made its way onto the Billboard Hot 100 chart, where it peaked at number 93. Thanks to its success, “Darling” helped propel Lil Yachty’s album to number one on the charts.

The success of the song

Calling You Darling by DJ Khaled has been a huge success. The song peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, making it Khaled’s first number-one single on the chart. “Calling You Darling” also became Khaled’s first number-one single on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. The song has been a success on streaming platforms as well, debuting at number one on the US streaming Songs chart.

The song’s impact on the EDM scene

Since its release, the song has had a major impact on the EDM scene. It has been lauded by critics and fans alike for itscatchy melody, upbeat tempo, and positive message. The song has also been embraced by the LGBT community for its inclusion of queer themes and representation.

The song’s popularity with fans

The song has been a hit with fans, with many of them calling it a “catchy” and “addictive” track. It has also been praised for its clever use of samples, with one fan calling it a “mashup masterpiece”. The song has been played on multiple radio stations and has been featured on several music blogs. It has also been nominated for a number of awards, including Best Electronic Song at the Grammy Awards.


We hope you enjoyed this article on “Calling You Darling: A New EDM Hit.” Check out the song for yourself and see if it’s your new favorite. As always, thanks for reading!

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