Chicago Gospel Music Awards

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The Chicago Gospel Music Awards are an annual awards show that honors the best and brightest in the gospel music industry.


The Chicago Gospel Music Awards were created in 1971 by James Vincent, then the music director at WBBM-FM. The Awards recognize the achievements of individuals and groups within the gospel music industry in the Chicago area. They are given out annually, and winners are selected by a panel of judges.

The first Awards ceremony was held in 1972, and was attended by about 400 people. It has since grown to become one of the most prestigious events in the gospel music industry, with an attendance of over 4,000 people.

The Awards are given out in a number of different categories, including: Artist of the Year, Group of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Producer of the Year, New Artist of the Year, and Lifetime Achievement Award.

History of the Chicago Gospel Music Awards

The history of the Chicago Gospel Music Awards began in 2002 when the late Nelson “ Cubby” Rivers and his wife, Phyllis, decided to start an awards show to honor the artists and music of the Chicago gospel music scene. With the help of their son, Derrick, they organized the first ever Chicago Gospel Music Awards show.

Since then, theCGMA has become one of the premier events on the Chicago gospel music calendar. Each year, the awards show features some of the biggest names in gospel music, both local and national. The show is also a celebration of the rich history of gospel music in Chicago.

TheCGMA is now in its seventeenth year and continues to be one of the most anticipated events on the Chicago gospel music calendar.

Awards and recognition

The Chicago Gospel Music Awards are an annual awards ceremony that recognizes and honors the accomplishments of gospel musicians from the Chicago area. The Awards are presented by the Chicago Gospel Music Academy, a non-profit organization that seeks to promote and preserve gospel music in the Chicago area.

The Awards are given in a variety of categories, including Best Artist, Best Album, Best Song, and Best live performance.

Chicago Gospel Music Awards today

The Chicago Gospel Music Awards are taking place today, Saturday, May 11th. The event will be held at the Chicago Cultural Center and will begin at 6 p.m. Among those being honored at the awards ceremony are Gospel singer Mavis Staples, who will receive the Legendary Music Award, and the late Gospel singer Mahalia Jackson, who will be posthumously given the Lifetime Achievement Award.


The awards were given out in a wide variety of categories, with some of the most prestigious awards going to Travis Greene for Contemporary Gospel/Urban Album of the Year, Jekalyn Carr for Contemporary Gospel/Urban Artist of the Year, and Isaac Carree for Traditional Gospel Artist of the Year. Chicago-based artist Bri (Briana Babineaux) was recognized as the Entertainer of the Year. The full list of winners is available on the Chicago Gospel Music Awards website.

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