The Best Child Gospel Music of 2020

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Looking for the best child gospel music of 2020? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the top tunes that are sure to get your little ones singing along.

What is Gospel Music?

Gospel music is a genre of music that has risen in popularity in recent years. It is often characterized by its positive and uplifting message. Gospel music is usually sung by a choir or a solo artist, and is often accompanied by a piano or guitar.

The History of Gospel Music

Gospel music is a genre of music that has always been popular among Christians. It is a genre of music that is based on the religion of Christianity and the belief in Jesus Christ. The earliest form of gospel music was created by African Americans in the United States during the 18th century. Gospel music has evolved over time and has been influenced by other genres of music such as blues, jazz, and even rock and roll.

Gospel music is typically very upbeat and positive, with lyrics that focus on the love of God and the hope that comes with believing in Jesus Christ. Gospel music is often categorized by its style, which can be either traditional or contemporary. Traditional gospel music usually includes elements of blues, jazz, and soul, while contemporary gospel music may incorporate elements of pop, hip hop, or rock.

While gospel music is popular among Christians all over the world, it is especially popular in the United States, where it originated. Gospel music has been a part of American culture for centuries and continues to be an important part of many people’s lives today.

The Different Types of Gospel Music

There are many types of Gospel music, but the four most common are traditional Gospel, contemporary Gospel, rap/hip-hop Gospel, and urban contemporary Gospel.

Traditional Gospel music is the kind of music you might hear in a church service. It has a strong religious message and is usually performed by a choir. Contemporary Gospel music is similar to traditional Gospel music, but it often has a more modern sound. Rap/hip-hop Gospel music is a relatively new genre that combines Christian lyrics with rap or hip-hop rhythms. Urban contemporary Gospel music is similar to rap/hip-hop Gospel music, but it often has a more R&B sound.

The Best Child Gospel Music of 2020

There are a lot of great child gospel albums that have been released in 2020. It was hard to narrow it down, but we’ve compiled a list of the best ones. These are albums that are sure to get your kids singing along and dancing.

“Jesus Loves Me” by WOW Gospel Kids

This feel-good gospel tune is perfect for kids of all ages. The catchy beat and simple lyrics make it easy to sing along, and the message is sure to bring a smile to your face.

“God’s Got It” by Coko

Coko, lead singer of the Grammy Award-winning R&B group SWV, returns with a brand new solo single titled “God’s Got It.” The feel-good, uptempo Gospel cut is a declaration of faith and hope in the face of trying times. Coko’s angelic voice soars over the driving beat and horns, lifted by the spirited background vocals of the New York Restoration Choir. “God’s Got It” is a reminder that we serve a God who is in control and will see us through whatever challenges we may face.

“He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” by Kirk Franklin

This song is from Kirk Franklin’s album “Long Live Love”, which won a Grammy in 2020 for Best Gospel Album. The song is a mash-up of the traditional gospel song “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” and the spiritual “All Hail King Jesus”. It is a beautiful and uplifting song that will inspire children of all ages.

“I Can Only Imagine” by Tamela Mann

“I Can Only Imagine” by Tamela Mann is a beautiful gospel song that will surely inspire your little ones. The lyrics are simple but powerful, and the melody is catchy and easy to sing along to. This is one of those songs that you’ll want to play over and over again.

“Amazing Grace” by Le’Andria Johnson

“Amazing Grace” by Le’Andria Johnson is the best child gospel music of 2020. The song is a beautiful rendition of the classic hymn that will touch your heart. Le’Andria’s voice is angelic and the music is upbeat and uplifting. This song is sure to be a favorite among children and adults alike.

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