The Best Christian Folk Music Artists

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Check out a list of the best Christian folk music artists that you need to be listening to right now!

The Best of the Best

The Best of the Best
These are the best Christian folk music artists out there. If you’re a fan of Christian music, then you’ll definitely want to check them out!
-The Station Breaks
-Larry Norman
-Ralph Stanley
-Tracy Grammer
-The Great Depression
-The Weavers

The Best of the Rest

In addition to the artists already mentioned, there are a number of other great Christian folk music artists worth checking out. Some of these artists include:

-The Grogans
-The O’Neill Brothers
-David Wilcox
-Phil Keaggy
-Pat Donohue
-Russ Taff

The Best of the Newcomers

The Best of the Newcomers
In the last few years, there have been a number of excellent new Christian folk music artists who have emerged on the scene. Here are some of the best of the newcomers:

Sandra McCracken is a singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee who has been making beautiful Christian folk music for over a decade. Her music is full of hope and joy, and her lyrics aredeeply rooted in her faith.

LISTEN: “All Things New”

Jared Anderson is a worship leader and songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. His music is steeped in classic folk and Americana influences, and his lyrics are full of faith and hope.

LISTEN: “10,000 Angels”

Theael Ligeia is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California who writes beautiful songs about her faith and her journey with God. Her music is gentle and graceful, and her lyrics are profoundly honest.

LISTEN: “Into Your Hands”

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