5 Christian Techno Songs to Get You Pumped

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Looking for some Christian techno to get you pumped? Check out our top 5 songs!

“All I Need” by Beleaf

Beleaf is a newer artist, but his music has been taking the Christian rap and hip-hop community by storm. “All I Need” is a great example of his work, with a catchy beat and positive lyrics that will get you pumped.

“I Won’t Give Up” by Hollyn

Hollyn is a 21-year-old singer/songwriter from Dallas, Texas. She is currently signed to the Gotee Records label by TobyMac. After being introduced to a wider audience on the “Eye On It” album, her debut EP, “Alone”, was released in 2014. The title track of that EP reached number one on the iTunes Christian charts. In 2016, she released her first full-length album, “One Way Conversations”. The album’s lead single, “love with your life”, became her second number one song on the iTunes Christian charts.

“I Won’t Give Up” is a song from her “One Way Conversations” album. The song is about having hope in the midst of difficult times. The lyrics are as follows:

I won’t give up
I won’t give in
Even if it rains all day
I know that You’re still here with me
I won’t give up
On us together
Even if the sky comes falling down
I know that we’ll be okay
In the end
We’ll be standing strong
You’ll see
Just hold on to me tight
And don’t let go no matter what comes our way

“Breathe” by Jon Guerra

This song is off of Jon Guerra’s album “Half Past Midnight.” The entire album has an 80s synth-pop influence, but “Breathe” in particular will get your heart racing with its fast pace and catchy melody.

“Lights” by TobyMac

TobyMac’s “Lights” is a shining example of a Christian techno song. With its pumping beat and positive lyrics, the song is sure to get you energized and motivated.

“All In (Apologize)” by NF

This song is all about being sacrificing everything for what you believe in, and it will definitely get you fired up and ready to take on anything that comes your way. The lyrics are incredibly powerful, and the beat will keep you moving the whole time.

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