Roxy Music’s “Country Life” is a Must-Have for Any Music

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Roxy Music’s “Country Life” is a must-have for any music fan’s collection. The album is a perfect blend of country and pop, with a little bit of edge.


From their 1974 album “Country Life”, Roxy Music’s “Country Life” is a must-have for any music lover’s collection. Blending elements of pop, rock, and disco, “Country Life” is a catchy, up-tempo track that is sure to get your feet moving. Featuring lead vocals from Bryan Ferry, the song also includes contributions from guitarists Phil Manzanera and Andy Mackay, as well as drumming legend Paul Thompson. With its infectious groove and catchy melodies, “Country Life” is a timeless classic that remains a favorite among Roxy Music fans to this day.

The Album

Recorded in 1974, “Country Life” is the fourth album by the English glam rock band Roxy Music. The album reached No. 3 in the UK and was a commercial success in the United States, spawning the Top 40 hit “All I Want is You”. “Country Life” is a must-have for any Roxy Music fan or anyone who loves great music.

“The Thrill of It All”

“The Thrill of It All” is the lead single from Roxy Music’s 1974 album “Country Life”. The song was written by Bryan Ferry and recorded at Air Studios in the Virgin Islands. The single peaked at #11 on the UK Singles Chart, making it the band’s fourth top-twenty hit in Britain.

The song is an up-tempo disco number with a pulsing bassline and horns. The lyrics are based on an incident that Ferry witnessed while staying at a hotel in France. He saw a young couple kissing in the lobby and was struck by their passion. The couple in the song are described as “rolling around like tigers on a hunt/They were going at it like two rewards”.

The video for “The Thrill of It All” was directed by saxophonist Andy Mackay and features the band performing the song in a country house. Mackay also appears in the video, playing piano while Ferry sings.

“The Thrill of It All” is a classic example of Roxy Music’s ability to fuse different genres of music together. The song is part disco, part rock, and part pop, and it has become one of the band’s most beloved tracks. If you’re looking for a fun, danceable song that also has a bit of an edge, then “The Thrill of It All” is a must-have for your collection.

“Three and Nine”

“Three and Nine” is a song by Roxy Music, released as the second single from their 1974 album Country Life. It reached number 9 in the UK Singles Chart.

The song was written by Bryan Ferry and was inspired by a landscape painting by British artist Graham Sutherland. The painting depicts a group of miners in a field, with clothes billowing in the wind. Ferry had seen the painting in the Tate Gallery and was struck by its “powerful” imagery.

The song’s opening lyrics are a direct reference to Sutherland’s painting: “In my country life / I see miners in the field / With their clothes billowing in the wind.”

Ferry has said that the song is about “the eternal struggle between man and nature.” He has also said that it is a “simple love song” with a “very complicated message.”

The single’s artwork, designed by Brian Eno, features a photograph of model Kari-Ann Mueller wearing nothing but a pair of suspenders. The artwork caused some controversy at the time of its release, with some stores refusing to stock the single because of its explicit imagery.

Despite its controversial artwork, “Three and Nine” remains one of Roxy Music’s best-loved songs. It has been praised for its catchy melody and Ferry’s vocal performance.

“All I Want is You”

“All I Want is You” is a song by Roxy Music, released as the lead single from their 1974 album Country Life. The song was written by band leader Bryan Ferry and was inspired by his then-girlfriend and future wife, Lucy Helmore.

The song’s lyrics are a declaration of love and commitment, with Ferry promising that he will always be there for his lover: “I’ll be true to you/ I’ll be good to you/ I’ll be there for you/ Always.”

Musically, “All I Want is You” is a lush, romantic ballad featuring a sweeping string section and Ferry’s trademark crooning vocal performance. The song became a Top 40 hit in the UK, peaking at #38. It has since been included on numerous Roxy Music compilation albums.

“Out of the Blue”

Roxy Music’s “Country Life” is one of those albums that you need to have in your collection. It’s a perfect blend of pop, rock, and electronic music, with just a hint of country twang. The title track is an instant classic, and the rest of the album is equally amazing. If you’re a fan of Roxy Music, or just good music in general, you need to check out “Country Life.”

The Band

Roxy Music was a British rock band that was formed in 1971 by singer Bryan Ferry, keyboardist/guitarist Phil Manzanera, saxophonist/guitarist Andy Mackay, and drummer Paul Thompson. The band was one of the pioneers of the glam rock genre and their style was a major influence on the look and sound of the new wave and punk rock movements.

Bryan Ferry

Bryan Ferry is an English singer and songwriter. He was the lead vocalist and principal songwriter with the rock band Roxy Music, achieving three number one albums and ten singles which reached the top ten in the United Kingdom. Ferry began his solo career in 1973. His solo hits included “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall”, “Let’s Stick Together” and “This Is Tomorrow”. When his sales as a solo artist began to decline in the late 1970s, he concentrated on his work with Roxy Music, producing some of their most acclaimed work, before temporarily activity ceased by 1979. By the mid-1980s, Ferry resumed his solo career with moderate success.

Ferry collaborated with Brian Eno on numerous albums, including The Bride Stripped Bare (1978), Olympia (2010) and Avonmore (2014). He has also produced for other artists, including David Bowie’s The Buddha of Suburbia (1993) and Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) (1980).

Phil Manzanera

Phil Manzanera was born in London of Italian and Venezuelan descent. He began playing guitar at an early age, inspired by the Ventures, Duane Eddy, and the Shadows. He joined Roxy Music in 1971, appearing on their first three albums. He has since worked with Brian Eno, David Gilmour, Talk Talk, and many others. His most recent project is 801 Live, a band featuring Bill MacCormick and Simon Phillips.

Andy Mackay

Andy Mackay, Roxy Music’s saxophonist and oboist, performs on “Country Life,” the group’s fourth album. It was released in 1974 and was a commercial success, reaching number three on the UK album chart. The album’s biggest hit was “All I Want is You,” which peaked at number two on the UK singles chart.

Mackay joined Roxy Music in 1971, shortly after the release of their self-titled debut album. He had been a member of the pop group Hullabaloo and had also worked with Brian Eno, who produced Roxy Music’s first two albums.

Mackay is credited with writing the horn arrangement for “Do the Strand,” one of Roxy Music’s most popular songs. He also wrote the horn arrangements for several other Roxy Music songs, including “Love is the Drug” and “Out of the Blue.”

In addition to his work with Roxy Music, Mackay has released several solo albums and has worked with a number of other artists, including David Bowie and Duran Duran.


Roxy Music’s “Country Life” is a timeless classic that any music lover should have in their collection. The album features some of the band’s most popular songs, including “The Thrill of It All,” “Love Is the Drug,” and “Do the Strand.” If you’re a fan of Roxy Music or just looking for a great album to add to your collection, “Country Life” is a must-have.

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