Current Blues Music Artists You Need to Know

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Check out our list of current blues music artists you need to know about. These artists are keeping the blues alive and well.

Who are the current blues music artists you need to know?

The blues is a genre of music that originated in the African-American communities of the south in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The style is characterized by its use of blue notes, call-and-response patterns, and often contains elements of spirituals, work songs, field hollers, and folk music. While the blues has been popular for over a century now, it has undergone a renewed interest in recent years with a number of young artists carrying on the tradition. Here are just a few of the current blues music artists you need to know.

Tasha Page-Lockhart
A native of Detroit, Tasha Page-Lockhart rose to fame after winning the sixth season of Sunday Best, a gospel singing competition show. She has since released two albums and her single “Different” reached number one on the Billboard Hot Gospel Songs chart. Her music is a mix of contemporary R&B and traditional gospel sound and she has been praised for her powerful vocal delivery.

Allison Russell
Allison Russell is a singer-songwriter who originally hails from Canada but is now based in Nashville. She gained notoriety as a member of Birds of Chicago, a folk rock group, but has since embarked on a solo career. Her debut album “Outside Child” was released in 2020 to critical acclaim and she has been described as “one of the most arresting new voices in roots music.” Her music draws from various genres including country, soul, and blues.

Muddy Waters
Muddy Waters was an American blues musician who is often cited as one of the pioneers of electric blues guitar playing. He rose to prominence in the 1940s and 1950s with hits like “Rollin’ Stone” and “Hoochie Coochie Man” which helped to shape the sound of rock n’ roll. He continued to perform and record until his death in 1983 and was posthumously inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1987.

What are they doing that’s different from the past?

As with any genre, blues is constantly evolving to stay relevant and interesting. While there are many artists out there keeping the blues alive, there are a few in particular that are doing something different and exciting with the genre. If you’re looking for something new in blues music, check out these three artists.

1. Joe Bonamassa

Joe Bonamassa is a British-American blues rock guitarist and singer. He started playing guitar at the age of four and has gone on to have an incredibly successful career. What sets Bonamassa apart from other blues guitarists is his ability to cross genres and appeal to a wider audience. He incorporates elements of rock, country, and even jazz into his music, making him one of the most versatile and interesting blues guitarists today.

2. Gary Clark Jr.

Gary Clark Jr. is an American musician from Austin, Texas. He first gained popularity in the early 2000s with his unique blend of blues, rock, and soul music. Since then, he has become one of the most popular and well-respected blues guitarists in the world. Like Bonamassa, Clark’s music incorporates elements from other genres, but what sets him apart is his focus on social issues. His lyrics often deal with topics such as racism, poverty, and violence, making him one of the most socially conscious blues musicians today.

3. Beth Hart

Beth Hart is an American singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. She first rose to prominence in the early 1990s with her uniquely raw and powerful vocal style. Hart’s music often deals with dark subject matter such as addiction and heartbreak, but she delivers it with such emotion and passion that it resonates deeply with listeners. She is one of the most emotionally honest and authentic blues musicians today, which sets her apart from many of her contemporaries.

How are they keeping the blues alive?

The blues is a timeless genre of music that has been a major influence on many other genres, including rock and roll, country, and jazz. Despite its origins in the early 1900s, the blues is still very much alive and well in the 21st century. There are many contemporary blues artists who are keeping the genre alive and fresh with their own unique styles.

Some of these artists are continuing to explore traditional blues styles, while others are incorporating elements of other genres to create something new. Whatever their approach, these artists are all helping to keep the blues alive and thriving in the 21st century.

What can we learn from them?

As genres go, the blues is one of the most enduring. First developing in the Deep South of America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, it has since spread around the world and evolved to encompass a huge range of styles.

Despite its age, the blues is still a vital and popular genre, with new artists emerging all the time who are keeping the tradition alive and taking it in new directions. In this article, we take a look at some of the most exciting current blues artists you need to know about.

Artists likeShemekia Copeland,Larkin Poe,Toronzo Cannon,Diana Krall are just a few of the contemporary artiststhat are keeping the blues alive and well into the 21st century. If you’re a fan of this classic genre, make sure to check out their work!

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