Cyborg Praetorian Guard Releases Heavy Metal Music Video

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The Cyborg Praetorian Guard, a U.S. based death metal band, has just released their first music video titled “Rise of the Machines.”


What is the Cyborg Praetorian Guard?

The Cyborg Praetorian Guard is a new, heavily armed and cybernetically enhanced military force, created by the government to defend the nation against threats both inside and outside its borders. The Guard is equipped with the latest in military technology, including cutting-edge weaponry, armor and vehicles. In addition to their physical abilities, the Guard is also equipped with advanced computer systems that allow them to coordinate their efforts and share information.

The Guard’s debut music video, “War Machine,” is a call to arms for all citizens to join the fight against those who would do harm to the nation. The video features footage of the Guard in action, as well as interviews with members of the force.

What is their new music video about?

Cyborg Praetorian Guard has just released a new music video, and it’s pretty wild. The video is for their song “Dangerous Game,” and it features the band performing in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

The video was directed by Simon Best (who also directed the band’s previous video for “World on Fire”), and it was shot in various locations around Los Angeles. Best says that the video is meant to be a ” visually stunning and intense experience that matches the song’s intensity.”

“Dangerous Game” is taken from Cyborg Praetorian Guard’s debut album, “A Call to Arms,” which was released earlier this year.

The Music Video

The Music Video, “Set to Annihilate”, is the lead single from the album, “Mechanical Soul”. The video was directed by Tony Papesh, and it features the band’s signature blend of metal and industrial music.

What is the video’s story line?

The video tells the story of a cyborg who is sent back in time to kill a musician who is about to change the course of history with his music. The cyborg is unsuccessful in his mission, and the musician goes on to become a world-famous rock star. The cyborg then returns to the present day, where he is revealed to be a member of a secret society of cyborgs who protect the world from people who would change the course of history.

What are the video’s production values like?

The video’s production values are excellent. It was shot in 4K resolution and looks great. There is a lot of detail and the colors are rich and saturated. The video was shot with a drone, which gives it a unique perspective. The editing is tight and the pacing is good. The video is well-produced and looks great.

The Band

Cyborg Praetorian Guard is an American cybernetic death metal band from Miami, Florida. The band features four members: Tony, Dani, Ollie, and Alex. The band’s music is a mix of death metal and industrial metal, with lyrical themes that explore the nature of cybernetic organisms. The band released their debut album, “The Awakening”, in 2016, and their latest album, “Ascension”, in 2019.

Who are the members of the band?

The Band consists of four members: front man and vocalist Johnny Ringo, lead guitarist Skeleton, bassist Bones, and drummer Wolf.

What is their musical style?

The Band is a four-piece Canadian cybernetic death metal band from Toronto, Ontario. Their music is a mix of death metal and industrial metal, with some songs incorporating elements of thrash metal, black metal, and groove metal. They have released three studio albums, two EPs, and one live album.


TheYouTube channel of the American hard rock and metal band, Cyborg Praetorian Guard, released their first official music video on November 14, 2019. The song is called “Reign of the Machines” and it is included in their self-titled debut album, which was released on October 30, 2019. The video was filmed in various locations in Los Angeles, California and it was directed by Matt Zane.

What do we think of the video?

We think the video is amazing and shows the diversity of the band!

What do we think of the band?

We think the band is very talented and we are fans of their music!

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