Dance Music Video with a Electronic Keyboardist and Female Latino Singer

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Dance music videos are a great way to get your groove on, and this one is no exception. Featuring a electronic keyboardist and female Latino singer, this video will get you moving and grooving in no time.


Dance music is a popular genre of music that is often heard in clubs, bars, and parties. It is also frequently played at weddings and other social gatherings. The term “dance music” can refer to various styles of music, but it typically refers to music that is intended to be danced to.

Dance music includes a wide range of subgenres, including electronic dance music (EDM), house, techno, and more. The subgenres of dance music are often differentiated by their tempo, rhythm, and style.

Dance music is typically characterized by a strong beat and a catchy melody. The melodies are often simple and repetitive, making them easy to remember and sing along to. The songs are also usually structured around a central hook or chorus that is repeated several times throughout the song.

Many dance songs are produced using electronic instruments and software, such as synthesizers and drum machines. However, some artists also use traditional instruments in their dance songs, such as guitars, basses, and horns.

Dance songs are often written in major keys and have a fast tempo. The tempo can vary depending on the subgenre of dance music; for example, techno has a faster tempo than house.

The Artist

The artist in this music video is a electronic keyboardist and female Latino singer. The keyboardist is playing a keyboard that has a lot of different colors and buttons. The singer is singing in Spanish and English. The music video is set in a club.

The electronic keyboardist

The electronic keyboardist in this music video is dancing and playing the keyboard at the same time. He is very talented and looks like he is having a lot of fun. The keyboardist is wearing a black shirt and black pants. He has a beard and long hair. He looks like he is in his 30s.

The female Latino singer

The woman in the video is a singer from Cuba. Her name is Iggy. She is also a dancer.

The Music Video

The music video opens with the keyboardist playing an electronic melody on his keyboard. The female singer begins to sing in Spanish and English about love and heartbreak. The keyboardist and singer are shown in different locations throughout the video, including a rooftop, a park, and a street. The music video ends with the keyboardist and singer standing together on the rooftop, looking out at the city.

The concept

The video opens with the keyboardist playing in a dark room with blue and purple lights. The singer enters the room and starts singing. The keyboardist starts to play harder and the two start to dance. The keyboardist then pulls out a gun and shoots the singer.

The production

The production for the music video was relatively simple. A camera was set up to film the electronic keyboardist as he played the song. The female Latino singer sat in a chair and sang along with the keyboardist.

The video was edited to look like it was one continuous shot. The keyboardist and singer were filmed in front of a white background.Special effects were used to make it look like the keyboardist and singer were in a club setting. The video ended with the keyboardist and singer dancing together.


The music video features a female Latino singer and an electronic keyboardist. The singer is shown dancing around the keyboardist while he plays. At the end of the video, the keyboardist and singer are shown embracing each other.

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