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102.1FM & AM740 Denver’s Classical Music Radio Station. The Denver area’s only full-time classical music station, providing commercial-free quality programming.

History of Classical Music in Denver

Classical music in Denver dates back to the early 1900s when the city’s first classical music radio station, KVOD, went on the air. Today, Denver is home to a thriving classical music scene, with several radio stations, orchestras, and concert series dedicated to the genre. In this article, we’ll take a look at the history of classical music in Denver, from the early days of KVOD to the present.

Classical music has been popular in Denver since the early 20th century when the city’s first classical music radio station, KRMA, began broadcasting. Since then, classical music has been an important part of Denver’s cultural scene. The city is home to several professional orchestras and choruses, as well as numerous amateur and student ensembles. Denver also has a thriving contemporary classical music scene, with many composer and performers calling the city home.

What are some of the most famous classical music events that have taken place in Denver?

One of the most famous classical music events that took place in Denver was the world premiere of John Philip Sousa’s “The Liberty Bell” march. The march was performed by the Denver Municipal Band on July 4, 1893, at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago. It was so well received that Sousa later said that it was “the best performance of any of my works I have ever heard.”

Other notable classical music events that have taken place in Denver include a performance by Sergei Rachmaninoff at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in 1928, and a performance by Leonard Bernstein with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra at Mile High Stadium in 1972.

The Rise of KDFC

In the 1970s, the only classical music radio station in the Bay Area was KDFC. At the time, the station was known as KKHI and it was on the AM dial at 1050. The station was not doing well and it was about to go off the air.

When was KDFC founded?

KDFC was founded in 1949 by Jim Long and until recently was owned by the University of Denver. It first went on the air on April 17, 1950, with studios on the DU campus. In its early days, it was a 10-watt student-run station that played mostly classical music and DU sports.

Over the years, KDFC has grown and changed with the times. In the 1970s, it began to play more rock and roll and popular music. In the 1980s, it returned to its roots as a classical music station. In recent years, KDFC has been increasingly successful, due in part to its move to HD radio technology and its partnership with KUSC in Los Angeles.

What is the mission of KDFC?

KDFC’s mission is to nurture and sustain a broad appreciation of classical music in the Bay Area, which enriches individuals’ lives and supports the region’s vibrant cultural community. We do this by:

– Providing outstanding classical music programming that is accessible, informative, and engaging
– Fostering a strong connection to the Bay Area’s classical music institutions and artists
– Acting as a leader in the Bay Area’s classical music community
– Engaging new listeners through innovative programs and partnerships

How has KDFC helped to promote classical music in Denver?

KDFC has been a boon for classical music in Denver. The station has helped to promote classical music in a number of ways, including by providing a platform for local and regional musicians to perform and by broadcasting educational programming about the genre. KDFC has also been instrumental in increasing public awareness of classical music events happening in the city, such as concerts and festivals. As a result of the station’s efforts, classical music has seen a resurgence in popularity in Denver.

KDFC Today

KDFC (90.3 FM) is a non-profit classical music radio station in San Francisco, California. It is owned by University of Southern California’s classical music station, KUSC. KDFC is one of the few full-time classical music radio stations in the United States.

We’re glad you asked! Here are some of the most popular programs that our listeners tune in to:

-The Morning Show with enjoy classical music with Bill Zack in the morning.
-Midday with de known and loved Julie Amici.
-Afternoon with Frank Dominguez features a broad mix of music, interviews, listener requests, andmore.
-Evenings with David Montgomery brings you the best in evening Classical music programming.
-With Nadine Burkhard on Late Night Classics, you can enjoy classical favorites as you wind down for the evening.

How can listeners tune in to KDFC?

There are a variety of ways to listen to KDFC, Denver’s classical music radio station.

You can listen live online at, using the KDFC app for iPhone or Android, or on HD Radio if you have a compatible receiver.

If you’re in the Bay Area, you can also find us on 99.7FM HD2.

In addition to our live broadcast, we also offer a streaming archive of on-demand content that you can listen to at your convenience.

What are some of the ways that KDFC is involved in the Denver community?

KDFC is committed to being an active and engaged partner in the Bay Area community. We partner with other arts and cultural organizations to bring music to people of all ages, help support music education, and make classical music accessible to everyone.

KDFC also partners with a number of local charities, including the San Francisco Opera, the San Francisco Symphony, and the San Francisco Performances.

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