Directv Music Choice Offers Heavy Metal Fans a New Way to Listen

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Looking for a new way to listen to your favorite metal tunes? Check out DIRECTV Music Choice’s new heavy metal channel! With this new channel, you can enjoy all of your favorite metal hits without having to search for them yourself. Simply tune in and let the channel do all the work for you.


What is Directv Music Choice?

Directv Music Choice is a new streaming service that offers fans of heavy metal music a new way to listen to their favorite bands. The service offers a variety of different plans, all of which offer unlimited streaming of music from a variety of different genres. Customers can choose to listen to their music through the Directv app or through the website. The service also offers a variety of different features, including the ability to create custom playlists, listen to live radio, and more.

What are the benefits of using Directv Music Choice?

Directv Music Choice is a new way to listen to music that offers a variety of benefits for users. With Directv Music Choice, you can create your own music channels, customized to your taste, and listen to them anywhere. You can also access exclusive channels, including behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with artists, that you can’t find anywhere else. In addition, Directv Music Choice offers a wide selection of music genres, including heavy metal, so you can find the perfect channel for your mood.

How to use Directv Music Choice

If you happen to be a heavy metal fan, or just a fan of music in general, there’s a new way to listen, thanks to Directv Music Choice. You can now listen to your favorite metal songs, uninterrupted, by using Directv Music Choice. Here’s how it works.

How to access Directv Music Choice

Option 1: To select Music Choice channels on your TV, tune to the audio broadcast of the desired channel in Dolby Digital. You will see the Music Choice logo in thelower left-hand corner of your screen.

Option 2: You can also find Music Choice channels on your TV by opening the Guide and selecting the “Music” category.

To access Directv Music Choice, you will need a DirecTV Plus HD DVR (model H21 or higher) or HD receiver (model HR20 or higher).

How to find the music you want

Looking for a specific song or artist? You can search by keyword or filter by genre, mood, activity, decade, and more.

Here’s how to search for music on Music Choice:

1. Press the MUSIC button on your remote control.
2. Scroll to Music Choice and press SELECT.
3. Use the UP/DOWN arrow buttons to scroll through the categories. To narrow your choices, press the RIGHT arrow button. For example, if you choose Genre, you can then scroll through genres like Pop, Hip Hop/R&B, Country, etc.
4. Once you’ve found the category you want, press the LEFT arrow button to go back to the previous screen. Then use the UP/DOWN arrow buttons to scroll through your choices and press SELECT on the song or artist you want to hear.

How to create a custom channel

Creating a custom channel on Directv Music Choice is easy! Simply follow the steps below:

1. Select the “Create A Channel” option from the main menu.
2. Enter the name of your channel, and select the music genres you want included. You can also choose to base your channel off of one of our existing channels.
3. Select the “Save” option, and your new channel will be created!


Though it’s been a few years since DirecTV Music Choice first came into existence, the service is still going strong and offers users a unique way to listen to their favorite music. For a small monthly fee, subscribers can choose from over 100 different channels of music, including channels dedicated to specific genres like heavy metal.

Why Directv Music Choice is the best way to listen to music

There are many reasons why Directv Music Choice is the best way to listen to music. Below are some of the main reasons:

1) You can choose from over 100 different music channels, including multiple channels for specific genres like heavy metal, rock, pop, and more.

2) You can customize your listening experience by creating your own channel lineup, or choosing from pre-made channel lineups created by Directv Music Choice staff.

3) Directv Music Choice offers a variety of features that other music streaming services don’t, such as the ability to pause and rewind live radio, and view lyrics for songs that are playing.

4) You can connect your Directv Music Choice account to Amazon Alexa or Google Home for hands-free listening.

5) Directv Music Choice is more affordable than other music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, with plans starting at just $5 per month.

What sets Directv Music Choice apart from other streaming services

Directv Music Choice offers a new way for music lovers to enjoy their favorite tunes. The service provides access to over 100 channels of music, including many genres that are not typically well represented on other streaming services. This makes it an ideal choice for heavy metal fans who want to be able to listen to their favorite bands without having to worry about whether or not they will be able to find them on other platforms.

In addition to its large selection of channels, Directv Music Choice also offers a number of features that make it unique among streaming services. For example, the service allows users to create custom playlists, set up parental controls, and even download songs for offline listening. This makes it a great option for families who want to be able to control what their children are listening to, as well as for anyone who wants to be able to listen to their music without worrying about using up all of their data.

If you are looking for a new way to enjoy your favorite music, Directv Music Choice is definitely worth checking out. With its large selection of channels and unique features, it is sure to provide you with everything you need to make the most out of your listening experience.

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