Download the Best Dubstep Remixes of Your Favorite Songs

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Looking for the best dubstep remixes of your favorite songs? Look no further! We’ve gathered the best of the best for your listening pleasure. Download them now and get your groove on!

What is Dubstep?

Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in South London in the late 1990s. It is generally characterized by sparse, syncopated rhythmic patterns with bass lines that contain prominent sub-bass frequencies.

Dubstep remixes are a great way to get your favorite songs stuck in your head for days. They’re also a great way to get pumped up for a party or a workout. If you’re looking for the best dubstep remixes of popular songs, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be discussing the top 10 dubstep remixes of popular songs.

“All of Me” by John Legend

“All of Me” by John Legend is one of the most popular songs of the past decade. The original version of the song is a beautiful ballad, but there are also many great dubstep remixes of the song that are worth checking out.

If you’re a fan of John Legend’s music, or if you’re just looking for some good dubstep to listen to, then you should definitely check out some of the best “All of Me” remixes that are available.

“Counting Stars” by OneRepublic

“Counting Stars” is a song by American pop rock band OneRepublic from their third studio album, Native (2013). The song was written by Ryan Tedder, and produced by Tedder and Noel Zancanella. It was released as the album’s third single on June 18, 2013 in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. The song peaked at number two on the US Billboard Hot 100, becoming the band’s highest-charting single globally since 2007’s “Apologize”.

The official music video was directed by James Lees and premiered on August 8, 2013. Since its release, the video has received over 1 billion views on YouTube. In 2019, a team of astronomers used data from NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) to find evidence for an exoplanet approximately twice the size of Earth orbiting a star similar to our sun about 200 light-years away. They named the exoplanet HD 20794 b in honor of the song.

1. “Counting Stars” (The Chaotic Good Remix)
2. “Counting Stars” (K Theory Remix)
3. “Counting Stars” (MANIK Remix)
4. “Counting Stars” (Fields’ festival Trap Remix)
5. “Counting Stars” (Lonczinski Remix)

“Let Her Go” by Passenger

This tune by English singer-songwriter Mike Rosenberg, also known as Passenger, became an international hit in 2012. The original song is a mellow ballad with acoustic guitar, but there have been some great dubstep remixes that have really brought the tune to life. Here are some of the best:

“Let Her Go” (ASTR Remix)
This remix by American electronic music duo ASTR takes the original song and gives it a heavy dubstep makeover. The result is an addicting track that’s perfect for any dubstep fan.

“Let Her Go” (Flux Pavilion Remix)
Flux Pavilion, one of the most well-known names in dubstep, lends his signature sound to this Passenger tune. The result is a hard-hitting, bass-heavy remix that will get your heart pumping.

“Let Her Go” (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)
Canadian dubstep duo Adventure Club brings their signature melodic sound to this remix, resulting in a beautiful and emotive track that will stay with you long after it’s over.

Where to Find More Dubstep Remixes

If you are looking for the best dubstep remixes of your favorite songs, look no further! In this article, we will give you a list of our top five picks for the best dubstep remixes of popular songs.


If you’re looking for more dubstep remixes, SoundCloud is a great place to start. The online audio platform has a wealth of user-generated content, and there’s a good chance you’ll find what you’re looking for.

You can use the advanced search function to narrow down your results, or you can explore the site’s designated dubstep channels. To get started, simply create a free account and start browsing.


YouTube is a great place to find dubstep remixes of your favorite songs. You can usually find a good selection of remixes by searching for the song title + “dubstep remix” or “dubstep remixes.” For example, if you want to find dubstep remixes of the song “All Star” by Smash Mouth, you would search for “All Star dubstep remix” or “All Star dubstep remixes.”

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on YouTube, try SoundCloud. SoundCloud is a website where musicians can upload their music for people to listen to. Searching for the same song on SoundCloud might give you better results.


Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs. It’s available on various devices, including computers, phones, tablets, and more. You can use it for free with ads, or you can upgrade to Spotify Premium for ad-free listening and other features.

If you’re looking for dubstep remixes of your favorite songs, there are a few things you can do. First, try searching for the song on Spotify. If there are any remixes available, they should show up in the search results.

You can also try searching for “[song name] + dubstep remix” on Google or another search engine. This will bring up any potential Remixes that might be available on YouTube or other websites.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, try reaching out to the artist or producers of the original song and asking if they know of any good dubstep remixes. They might be able to point you in the right direction!

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