The Best Dubstep Music of 2019

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Check out our list of the best dubstep tracks of 2019. From up-and-comers to seasoned veterans, these artists have brought the heat this year.

Best Dubstep Songs of 2019

The Best Dubstep Songs of 2019

With the year coming to a close, we’ve compiled a list of the best dubstep songs of 2019. From established veterans such as Zeds Dead and 12th Planet to fresh faces like Sampli Fire, there’s been no shortage of great dubstep this year.

Here are our picks for the best dubstep songs of 2019:

1. “Bands” by Zeds Dead & Jauz
2. “Get With the Program” by 12th Planet & Flinch
3. “Griztronics” by GRiZ & Subtronics
4. “SOS” by Datsik & Virtual Riot
5. “Lights Out” by Snails & NGHTMRE
6. “Burnin'” by MUST DIE! & Eptic
7. “The Summoning” byphaseOne
8. “Rage Valley” by Knife Party
9. “Bones” by Crooked Colours
10. “Calypso” byNGHTMRE & Ghastly

Best Dubstep Artists of 2019

Artists like Zeds Dead, Seven Lions, and 12th Planet helped dubstep cross over into the mainstream in 2019, while figures like G Jones and Eprom continued to push the boundaries of the genre. The best dubstep tracks of 2019 reflect the diversity and evolution of the genre, with artists old and new coming together to create something truly special.

Best Dubstep Albums of 2019

The best dubstep music of 2019 may have flown a little under the radar. Nevertheless, it’s been a great year for the genre with some amazing new releases that have pushed the boundaries of what dubstep can be. Here are our picks for the best dubstep albums of 2019.

1) Kursa – The Widdler
2) Joe Ford – All of Us
3) DMVU – Artificial Bureaucracy 4) Habstrakt & Chime – Dissonance
5) Sober Rob & Cristoph – Foundation
6) Midnight Tyrannosaurus – Nightmare Engine
7) Dubloadz & Algo – Tribe
8) Trampa & Bommer – Blow Up VIP
9) Adair & UM~IK – Lifebringer
10) KJ Sawka & Meesha – Deconstructed

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