The Best Dubstep Music of 2021

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Looking for the best dubstep music of 2021? Look no further! This blog post will showcase some of the best dubstep tracks of the year.


In the last few years, dubstep has taken the world by storm. This type of EDM music is characterized by heavy basslines, complex rhythms, and often eerie or aggressive soundscapes. If you’re looking for the best dubstep music of 2021, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 favorite tracks from this year so far.

Best Dubstep Songs of 2021

The best dubstep music of 2021 is a mix of old and new, with some familiar faces and some new ones. There are a lot of great tracks out there, but these are the ones that we think stand out the most.

“Babylon” by Datsik and 1000volts

1000volts is a side project of American electronic music producer Datsik. The duo, which also features singer-songwriter Jaykode, released their debut single “Babylon” in April of 2021. The song has been described as a “tribute to the classic dubstep sound”, and features a “twisted, growling bassline” set against a backdrop of eerie chords and Jaykode’s haunting vocals.

“Bring Me the Horizon” by Flux Pavilion

Flux Pavilion is a British dubstep producer and DJ. He is the co-founder of the label Circus Records, and his 2010 single “Bass Cannon” was rated the No. 1 song of that year on Beatport. He has released one studio album, Lines in Wax (2011).

“Bring Me the Horizon” is a song by Flux Pavilion. It was released as a single on 8 October 2012. The song is included on his debut studio album, Lines in Wax (2011).

“Cinema” by Skrillex

Skrillex’s “Cinema” is one of the best dubstep songs of 2021. The song was released in April of 2021 and has quickly become a favorite among fans of the genre. “Cinema” is a catchy, upbeat track that features Skrillex’s signature sound. The song is sure to get your feet moving and your head nodding.

“Dirty South” by Zeds Dead

“Dirty South” by Zeds Dead is a Dubstep song that was released in 2021. The song features a heavy bassline and corrupted vocals. The song is named after the genre of music it belongs to, which is characterized by a dark, brooding atmosphere and hard-hitting basslines.

“Get Free” by Major Lazer

“Get Free” by Major Lazer is one of the best dubstep songs of 2021. The song features a foreign sounding beat that is perfect for getting your head nod on. The lyrics are also very catchy, making this one of the most memorable dubstep songs of the year.



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