Dubstep Music for Videos: The Best of 2020

Looking for the best dubstep music for videos in 2020? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with our roundup of the best tracks of the year.

What is dubstep?

Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music that emerged in the early 2000s. It is characterized by a distinctive wobbly bass sound, half-time rhythms, and growling synth leads.

The genre originated in London, and was initially influenced by 2-step garage and grime. The first dubstep tracks were produced by producers such as Benga and Skream, who later went on to form the nucleus of the dubstep scene.

The term “dubstep” is derived from the word “dub”, which refers to the practice of dubbing out sections of reggae tracks to create instrumental versions (hence the name “instrumental grime” for this type of dubstep). Step refers to the recurring breakbeat in many dubstep tracks.

The history of dubstep

Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in South London in the late 1990s. It is generally characterized by sparse, syncopated rhythmic patterns with prominent sub-bass frequencies. The style emerged as an offshoot of UK garage, drawing on a lineage of related styles such as 2-step and dub reggae. In the early 2000s, dubstep began to develop more Complex characteristics, often incorporating elements of grime and drum and bass. This new style gained mainstream popularity in the UK and Europe in the 2010s.

The earliest dubstep tracks were often dark, atmospheric, and minimalistic, relying heavily on sub-bass frequencies and sparse drum patterns. These tracks were often produced by London-based producers such aschyldren Of Zeus’Source Direct’andFunky Technician. In 2001,’Forsaken’by 12th Planet and Juakali became one of the earliest examples of dubstep to gain widespread popularity outside of the underground club scene, being played on British radio station Kiss 100. By 2002,’Way Out West – Mindcircus ( Gabriel & Dresden Remix)’had reached number 36 in the UK Singles Chart, becoming one of the first mainstream crossover hits for the genre.

In 2003,’Skint – Bromance (Avicii’s Arena Mix)’by Swedish House Mafia brought dubstep to mainstream audiences worldwide, reaching number 5 in Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Songs chart and number 28 on the UK Singles Chart. In 2006,’X Gon Give It To Ya’by DMX became one of the first hip hop tracks to feature elements of dubstep, further increasing the genre’s popularity in America.

In 2010,’Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites’by Skrillex became one of the biggest hits in dubstep’s history, reaching number 3 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart and winning two Grammy Awards for Best Dance Recording and Best Dance/Electronica Album at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony. The single helped raise dubstep’s profile even further, with Skrillex becoming one of its most high-profile proponents throughout the 2010s.

By 2012,’I Need Air’by Magnetic Man had become one of dubstep’s most commercially successful singles to date, reaching number 2 on the UK Singles Chart. The following year saw a further increase in mainstream popularity for dubstep, with American duo Disclosure scoring their breakthrough hit with ‘Latch’, which featured vocals from Sam Smith and reached number 11 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

In 2014,’Take Ü There’by Jack Ü featuring Kiesza became another huge crossover hit for dub step , peaking at number 2 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart . The track also won Best Dance Recording at 57th Annual Grammy Awards .

The commercial success of these tracks helped bring about a more widespread acceptance of dub step music within popular culture . However , some purists within the genre decried this growing popularity , accusing artists like Skrillex of producing “bro step” – a diluted , commercialized version of authentic dub step .

The best dubstep tracks of 2020

It’s been a big year for dubstep, with some huge tracks dropping from some of the biggest names in the game. So, we’ve decided to put together a list of our favorite dubstep tracks of 2020.

-Skrillex & Boys Noize – Midnight Hour
-Excision & Illenium – Gold (Stupid Love)
-Zeds Dead & Jauz – Lights Go Down
-Slushii – Wake Up Call
-G Jones – In Your Head (feat. Bleep Bloop)
-Charlie Zane – Drop It Like This
-Eptic – Watch Out

How to use dubstep in your videos

If you’re looking for some dubstep music to use in your videos, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of the best dubstep tracks of 2020, perfect for adding some energy and excitement to your videos.

While dubstep can be used for all sorts of videos, it’s particularly well-suited for action scenes, gaming montages, and any other time you want to add some extra excitement. And with so many great dubstep tracks to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your project.

Here are our picks for the best dubstep tracks of 2020:

1. “B With Me” by Bassnectar
2. “Bounce” by Flux Pavilion
3. “Get Free” byYellow Claw ft. A$AP Ferg
4. “Havoc” by Eptic
5. “I Need You” by Virtual Riot
6. “Riot” by Pegboard Nerds x Quiet Disorder
7. “This Is How We Do It” by Dirt Monkey & Jantsen
8. “Till It’s Over” by Trampa
9. “You Know What I Like?!” by Midnight Tyrannosaurus

The benefits of using dubstep in your videos

If you’re looking for ways to add some extra energy to your videos, dubstep music can be a great option. This genre of electronic dance music is known for its heavy bass and fast tempo, which can give your footage an exciting and driving feel. In addition, dubstep tracks often have interesting sound effects and synth work that can add another layer of interest to your visuals.

While dubstep can be great for adding excitement to action-packed scenes, it can also be used to create a more calm and atmospheric mood. The best way to find out if dubstep is right for your video is to experiment with different tracks and see how they feel. To get you started, we’ve rounded up some of the best dubstep tracks of 2020.

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