Collecting People: A Dubstep Music Video with a Little Boy

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This is the story of how one little boy’s love for music turned into an amazing dubstep music video. Collecting People is a heartwarming tale of how the power of music can bring people together, no matter what their age.


This is a dubstep music video with a little boy. He is showncollecting people in various settings, such as in a park, on a beach, and ina city. The video is set to the tune of “Formidable” by French electronicmusic duo Daft Punk.

The Little Boy

This dubstep music video follows a little boy as he goes about his day, collecting people along the way. The video starts with the boy waking up in his bed, and then shows him getting dressed and leaving his house. He walks down the street, collecting people as he goes. The video then cuts to the boy and his new friends dancing to dubstep music in an empty lot. The video ends with the boy going to bed, surrounded by the people he has collected.

The Music Video

“Collecting People” is a dubstep music video by British band Bondax. The video features a young boy walking around a city collecting people, who then follow him to an abandoned building. The video has beendescribed as “charming” and “cute”.


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