The Easter Brothers and Their Gospel Music

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The Easter Brothers are an American Southern Gospel trio. The group consists of brothers James, Wayne, and Phillip Easter. They are from Rockingham, North Carolina

The Easter Brothers

The Easter Brothers are an American Southern Gospel trio. The group consists of brothers Russell Easter (lead singer/bass guitar), Steve Easter (baritone/guitar), and Dana Easter (piano). The three were born into a musical family in Rockingham, North Carolina; their father, J.R. Easter, was a church music director and their mother played piano. As children, they would often sing three-part harmony around the family’s kitchen table.

Their Early Lives

The Easter Brothers – Bobby, Wendell, and Gary – were born and raised in North Carolina. Bobby was born in 1945, Wendell in 1947, and Gary in 1949. All three were raised in a very religious household; their father was a minister and their mother was a gospel singer. The brothers began singing together at a young age, and by the time they were teenagers they had formed a gospel group called “The Easter Brothers.”

The group began touring across the United States, singing at churches and gospel music festivals. They eventually caught the attention of Bill Gaither, who invited them to sing on his television show “The Gaither Homecoming Hour.” The Easter Brothers continued to tour and record albums throughout the 1990s and 2000s. In recent years, Wendell has retired from touring due to health problems, but Bobby and Gary continue to perform together.

The Brothers Form a Band

The Easter Brothers – a gospel music group from NC – started out as a family affair. The original members were brothers Will, Ralph and Ray Easter. They were joined by cousin James Butler, and the group became known as The Easter Brothers Band. The band played at churches and local events, and soon they began to gain a following. In the early 1980s, they were signed to a record label and released their first album.

The group has continued to tour and release albums over the years, and they are still going strong today. If you’re a fan of gospel music, then you should definitely check out The Easter Brothers!

The Easter Brothers’ Gospel Music

The Easter Brothers are a gospel group from North Carolina who have been singing together for over 50 years. They have released 20 albums, won multiple Dove and Grammy awards, and been inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. The group consists of brothers Ray, Ronnie, and Steve Easter.

Their Style

The Easter Brothers are an American Southern Gospel music trio consisting of brothers Richard “Ricky” Easter (born May 28, 1956), Robert “Bobby” Easter (born January 10, 1958), and Raymond “Ray” Easterling (born August 14, 1960). All three were born in Rockingham County, North Carolina. The Easter Brothers have been performing together since childhood, and have released twenty albums during their career. They are characterized by their rich three-part harmony singing, and their lyrical focus on faith and family.

Their Popularity

The Easter Brothers are an American Southern Gospel group. The group, which is composed of brothers Richard, Ron, and Raymond Easter, was founded in 1957. They have recorded sixteen albums and are best known for their song “Thank God For Kids”.

The Easter Brothers have been performing together for over 50 years. They have recorded 16 albums, the most recent being 2009’s “I Know Where I’m Going”. Their music has been featured on television shows such as Touched By An Angel and 7th Heaven, as well as in the film Fireproof. The group has been awarded two Grammy nominations and five Dove Awards.

The Easter Brothers Today

The Easter Brothers-Tom, Ron, and Phil-were born and raised in the small town of Whitmire, South Carolina. They began singing together in their father’s church when they were justboys. The three brothers sang gospel music and released their first album in 1966. The Easter Brothers have been performing for over 50 years and are still going strong. They continue to tour and release new music, and their music is enjoyed by fans all over the world.

The Band Continues to Perform

The Easter Brothers – Robin, Russell, and Ray – are one of the most legendary names in Southern Gospel music. For five decades, they have been entertaining fans with their trademark harmonies and down-home style.

Even though the brothers are all in their 60s, they are still touring and making new music. They recently released a new album, “Looking for a city”, which features some of their classic hits as well as new songs.

The Easter Brothers continue to be one of the most popular acts in Southern Gospel music, and they show no signs of slowing down!

The Brothers’ Legacy

The Easter Brothers were a popular bluegrass and gospel music group from the 1950s onwards. The group consisted of brothers Warren, Raymond, and James Easter, who were born and raised in Mount Airy, North Carolina. All three brothers sang and played guitar, with Warren also playing the mandolin. The brothers first started performing together in church, and then began touring regionally in the 1940s. They gained a wide following for their close harmonies and down-home style of music.

The group signed with RCA Victor in 1950, and released their first album, “Songs Our Daddy Taught Us”, that same year. The album was a hit, and helped to launch the brothers’ career. They went on to release over 20 more albums over the next few decades, including several gospel music charts hits. The Easter Brothers continued to tour and perform until James’ retirement in 2000.

The group’s legacy continues today through their recordings and live performances by their former bandmates. The Easter Brothers’ music is still performed and enjoyed by fans all over the world.

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