Electronic Dance Music: The Best of 2004

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From the biggest tracks to the most obscure, we take a look at the best electronic dance music of 2004.


2004 was an amazing year for electronic dance music. Some of the best trance, techno, and house tracks were released this year. This is a list of the best tracks of 2004, in my opinion.

Best Albums of 2004

It was a great year for electronic dance music, with many great albums being released. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the best albums of 2004. We’ll be looking at a variety of different genres, so there should be something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of trance, house, techno, or any other type of electronic music, you’re sure to find something you like on this list.

Daft Punk- Human After All

The sixth studio album by Daft Punk, released on March 14, 2005. The album was produced by the duo over the course of a year in their studio in Paris. It was their first album since Random Access Memories (2013).

The album received mixed reviews from critics. Some praised its production and composition, while others criticized its lack of innovation. The album debuted at number one on the French Albums Chart and peaked at number two on the Billboard 200 in the United States. It was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and gold by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI).

LCD Soundsystem- LCD Soundsystem

LCD Soundsystem’s self-titled debut album was one of the most celebrated albums of 2004. The band’s mix of electro, dance, and punk influenced a generation of music fans, and their album is still considered one of the best dance albums of all time.

The Knife- Silent Shout

Swedish electronic duo, The Knife, released their third studio album, Silent Shout, in 2006 to critical acclaim. The record is a dark and atmospheric work that many consider the group’s magnum opus. It features the singles “Heartbeats” and “We Share Our Mother’s Health”, both of which were minor hits in the UK.

Best Songs of 2004

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 15 years since the release of some of the best songs of 2004. Where does the time go? If you’re in need of a little nostalgia, or just want to hear some good music, this list is for you. We’ve compiled a list of the best songs of 2004, so sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Daft Punk- Robot Rock

“Robot Rock” is a song by Daft Punk from their 2005 album Human After All. The song’s vocal sample, “Da Rock Wilder”, is from the 1974 track “Rockit” by Herbie Hancock. “Robot Rock” peaked at number 86 on the UK Singles Chart, and number 45 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play chart in the United States.

The music video for “Robot Rock” was directed by Olivier Gondry and was released on March 14, 2006. Gondry had previously directed Daft Punk’s 2003 music video for “Something About Us”. In the “Robot Rock” video, two robots battle in a rock-paper-scissors tournament while a projection of a human rock band plays in the background.

LCD Soundsystem- Daft Punk Is Playing At My House

“Daft Punk is Playing at My House” is a song by American rock band LCD Soundsystem. It was released as the lead single from their self-titled debut studio album in January 2005. The song peaked at number 37 on the UK Singles Chart and was nominated for Best Dance Recording at the 2006 Grammy Awards.

The song was written by LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy in late 2004. He had recently moved into a new apartment in Brooklyn and was throwing parties every weekend. One night, he ran out of records to play and put on a Daft Punk album instead. The next morning, he woke up with the phrase “Daft Punk is playing at my house” stuck in his head.

Murphy recorded a demo of the song using a drum machine and a 12-inch record player. He then asked his friends to come over and help him flesh it out. The band worked on the song for two weeks, until they felt they had something they were happy with.

The finished product is an upbeat dance track with elements of house music and disco. The lyrics are written from the perspective of someone who is throwing a party and is surprised to find that the world-famous electronic duo Daft Punk are playing at their house.

The song was released as a single in January 2005 and quickly became a club anthem. It peaked at number 37 on the UK Singles Chart and was nominated for Best Dance Recording at the 2006 Grammy Awards.

The Knife- We Share Our Mother’s Health

The Knife is a Swedish musical duo from Gothenburg composed of siblings Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer. They both were born in Sweden to a Swedish mother and a Dutch father. The group formed in 1999 and began releasing work under their own record label, Rabid Records.

The Knife’s debut album, Deep Cuts (2003), was well received by critics and is said to have influenced the underground music scene in Sweden at the time. It saw some commercial success in Europe, reaching number seven on the UK dance chart. The album’s second single, “Heartbeats”, became their signature song after appearing in a Sony Bravia commercial. “Heartbeats” was also nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording.

Deep Cuts solidified The Knife’s status as an innovative electronic music act, and they have continued to experiment with their sound on subsequent albums. If you are a fan of electronic music, then you need to check out this band!


It’s been said that electronic dance music is like the new rock ‘n roll. It’s a genre that appeals to all ages, from kids to grandparents. It’s a style of music that is easy to enjoy, even if you don’t understand all the complexities behind it. And it’s a genre that is constantly evolving, with new artists and new sounds appearing all the time.

If you’re looking for a way to get into electronic dance music, or if you’re simply looking for some great music to listen to, then 2004 was a great year. There were some truly excellent tracks released this year, and we’ve compiled a list of our favorites. So turn up the volume, put on your dancing shoes, and get ready to rave!

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