Electronic Dance Music Predictions for 2017

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In this blog post, we’ll be making some predictions for the Electronic Dance Music industry for the year 2017. Some of the topics we’ll be discussing include the rise of Virtual Reality, the increasing popularity of live-streaming, and the continued rise of EDM festivals around the world.

The Rise of Melodic Techno

If there’s one genre that’s been on the rise in recent years, it’s techno. A style of dance music that was once confined to the underground clubs of Europe has now become a global phenomenon, with festivals and clubs all over the world playing host to some of the best acts in the business.

One sub-genre of techno that has been particularly popular in recent years is melodic techno. This style of music combines the driving beats and synthesizer-based soundscapes of traditional techno with more melodic elements, creating a sound that is both danceable and melancholic.

Many believe that melodic techno will continue to rise in popularity in 2017, with more and more DJs and producers experimenting with the style. Expect to hear more melodic techno tracks played at festivals and clubs all over the world next year.

The Return of Trance

In recent years, trance music has taken a backseat to other genres like house and techno. But many fans of the genre are predicting that 2017 will be the year of the trance comeback. With big names like Above & Beyond and Armin van Buuren still going strong, and newer artists like illumiNate and Jason Ross gaining popularity, there’s no shortage of talent to keep the genre alive. And with major festivals like A State of Trance and Transmission already announced for next year, it looks like the trance revival is already off to a promising start.

The Continued Dominance of House

In 2017, expect to see the continued dominance of house music in the electronic dance music scene. This genre has taken over the past few years, and shows no signs of slowing down. Get ready to groove to some deep basslines and catchy melodies all year long!

The Growth of Drum & Bass

predictions for the year ahead in electronic dance music. In 2017, we predict that Drum & Bass will continue to grow in popularity around the world. This genre originated in the UK in the early 1990s, and has since spread to other countries like the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Thanks to its fast-paced tempo and exciting sound, Drum & Bass is a popular choice for partygoers and clubbers alike. If you’re a fan of this genre, be sure to keep an eye out for new artists and tracks in 2017!

The Proliferation of EDM Festivals

While in years past, electronic dance music DJs and producers have focused on releasing tracks and performing at nightclubs, in recent years there has been a shift towards playing at festivals. In 2017, this trend is expected to continue, with more and more EDM festivals popping up around the world.

One of the main reasons for this proliferation of festivals is the formation of new festival brands. In the past, most EDM festivals were either standalone events or part of pre-existing music festivals (such as Coachella or Ultra). However, in recent years we’ve seen the launch of several new festival brands that are focused solely on electronic dance music, such as Electric Daisy Carnival, Tomorrowland, and EDC Japan.

This trend is likely to continue in 2017, with even more new EDM festivals being announced. This increase in festivals is good news for both DJs and fans alike, as it gives everyone more opportunities to see their favorite artists perform.

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