Electronic Music Festival in Las Vegas 2014

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The electronic music festival in Las Vegas is one of the most popular events of the year. If you’re a fan of electronic music, then this is the place to be.


Are you ready to experience the best electronic music festival in Las Vegas? Get ready for three days of non-stop music, dancing, and fun at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. This year’s festival will feature performances by some of the biggest names in electronic music, including Tiësto, Skrillex, and Calvin Harris. With so much to see and do, you’re sure to have an unforgettable time.

What to expect

The 2014 Electronic Music Festival in Las Vegas is sure to be a great event. With over 200 DJs and live performances, there is something for everyone. The festival will be held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway from March 28-30. Tickets are still available for purchase.


The music at an electronic festival can be classified as electronic dance music (EDM). This type of music is generally created by DJs and producers using computers and digital audio workstations. The music is often characterized by its use of synthesizers, drum machines, and other electronic instruments.

EDM festivals often feature a wide variety of genres, including house, techno, dubstep, drum and bass, and trance. Some festivals also feature live bands or DJ sets.

When choosing an electronic festival to attend, it is important to consider the lineup of artists that will be performing. Most festivals will list the lineup on their website or social media pages.

It is also important to consider the location of the festival. Many EDM festivals are held in nightclubs or outdoor locations such as beaches or parks.


There are a number of different venues that will be hosting electronic music festival in Las Vegas this year. These include:

-The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino: The Joint is a 4,000 capacity venue that is known for its excellent sound system. This will be one of the main stages for the festival and will host some of the biggest names in electronic music.

-Sahara Tent at the Las Vegas Speedway: The Sahara Tent is another large venue with a capacity of 10,000 people. This stage will be located outdoors and will feature a number of different electronic music genres.

-Electric Daisy Carnival: The Electric Daisy Carnival is one of the most popular electronic music festivals in the world and it is returning to Las Vegas this year. This massive event will take place over three days at the MGM Grand Garden Arena and will feature over 200 different DJs and live acts.


One of the best things about festivals is the people you meet. At an electronic music festival, you can expect to meet people from all walks of life, from all over the world. You’ll make new friends, and you’ll probably see some old friends too. People come to these festivals for the music, but they stay for the community.

How to prepare

What to bring

As with any festival, you’ll want to be prepared for a full day (or multiple days) of walking, dancing, and being in the sun. Make sure you pack sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, comfortable shoes, and plenty of water. Also, be sure to bring your camping gear if you’re planning on spending the night. The last thing you want is to have to leave early because you’re not prepared.

In addition to the basics, there are a few other things you should make sure to bring with you to an electronic music festival. First and foremost, don’t forget your ID! Without it, you won’t be able to get into the festival or buy any drinks. Second, most festivals will allow you to bring in your own water bottle or CamelBak type backpacks as long as they’re empty when you come in. This can save you a lot of money on water over the course of the day. Finally, if you’re planning on doing any dancing, be sure to bring a small backpack or fanny pack to hold your phone, wallet, and other valuables while you let loose.

What to wear

It’s no secret that festivals tend to be hot, so shorts and skirts are always a good bet. If you want to be a little more flashy, go for something flowy or with sequins. And don’t forget the sunscreen!

For guys, it’s all about the shorts. You can never go wrong with a pair of cargo shorts, but if you want to stand out, go for something brighter or patterned. And just like the ladies, don’t forget the sunscreen!


In conclusion, the Electronic Music Festival in Las Vegas was a great success. The music was awesome, the atmosphere was electric and the overall experience was one that I will never forget. I would highly recommend this festival to anyone who is looking for a good time and a great experience.

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