The Top Electronic Music Remix Contests

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Looking for a way to get your music noticed? Check out our list of the top electronic music remix contests. From Dubstep to Trap, there’s something for everyone.


In this post we will be taking a look at the top electronic music remix contests. All of these contests are currently ongoing and have some amazing prizes to offer. If you are an electronic music producer, we highly recommend checking these out and entering for a chance to win some great prizes.

What is a Remix?

In the simplest terms, a remix is a newversion of a song. It’s asong that has been re-imagined by another artist. A good remix willtake the original elements of the song and create something new andfresh, while still staying true to the original artist’s vision.

There are many different types of remixes, but the most common are acapella remixes, instrumental remixes, and extended mixes. Acapella remixes feature only the vocals from the original song, while instrumental remixes feature only the instrumental track. Extended mixes are usually longer versions of the original song with added verses or chorus’.

Remix contests are a great way for up-and-coming producers to get their name out there and gain exposure for their work. These contests usually involve taking an existing track and creating a new version of it that is better than the original. The prize for winning these contests can be anything from money to studio time to record deals.

What is the Purpose of a Remix?

A remix is a piece of media which has been altered from its original state by adding, removing, and/or changing pieces of the item. A remix can also refer to pieces of media which combine elements from multiple sources to create something new.

Remixes are often created for artistic purposes, but can also be created for commercial reasons. Remixes are typically created with the intent of providing a new version of a song or video which is more accessible or appealing to a wider audience. They can also be used to reinvigorate interest in a piece of media which has begun to decline in popularity.

There are many different types of remixes, but some of the most common include:

-adding new instrumentation or vocals to a track
-changing the arrangement of a track
-editing the audio or video footage of a track
-re-recording a track using different instruments or vocals

What are the Different Types of Remixes?

There are a variety of electronic music remixes, but they generally can be broken down into four categories: club, radio, dub, and extended play (EP).

Club remixes are produced for use by nightclub DJs to give the original song a different feel orflow so that dancers will have a new experience when they hear it. These are usually made with synthesizers and drum machines to create a club-ready track.

Radio remixes are edited versions of songs that maintain the original melody but are cut down to make them more accessible to pop radio audiences. They often include new instrumentation as well.

Dub remixes completely rework a track, often adding or removing layers of sound and giving it an entirely new feel. These types of remixes are more common in genres like reggae and dubstep.

EP remixes are collections of shorter tracks that together form a mini-album or an extended play record. They usually feature multiple remixes of a single song, as well as various instrumentals and mixes.

Where to Find Remix Contests

There are a few great places to look for electronic music remix contests. Here are a few of our favorites:

-Splice: Splice is a great platform for finding and entering remix contests. They have a huge selection of contests to choose from, with prizes ranging from free software to cash prizes.

-Prizes: Prizes offers a variety of different competitions, including many for electronic music. They have a wide selection of prizes, including hardware, software, and even cash prizes.

-Indaba Music: Indaba Music hosts a variety of different music contests, including many for electronic music. They offer a variety of different prizes, including free software and hardware.

How to Enter a Remix Contest

In order to enter a remix contest, artists must submit their remixes to the contest promoter by the specified deadline. The promoters will then listen to all of the submissions and select a group of finalists. These finalists will have their tracks featured on the official contest website and will be in the running to win the grand prize.

The voting period for a remix contest usually lasts for one week, during which time fans and peers can listen to the tracks and cast their votes. The track with the most votes at the end of the voting period will be declared the winner.

So, if you’re an aspiring electronic musician with a taste for competition, keep an eye out for remix contests that suit your style and give it your best shot!

What to Expect When You Win

Now that you’ve spent countless hours perfecting your remix and it’s finally finished, what do you do next? The answer is quite simple – you submit it to as many remix contests as possible in the hopes that one of them will like it and choose it as the winning remix. But what happens if your remix is chosen as the winner? What can you expect?

First and foremost, when your remix is chosen as the winner, you can expect to receive a fair amount of recognition for your work. This recognition can come in the form of website mentions, blog posts, social media shares, and even interviews. Furthermore, winning a remix contest can also help to boost your career by giving you more exposure and helping you to network with other artists in the industry.

Of course, one of the most important things that you can expect when you win a remix contest is prize money. The amount of money that you will win will depend on the contest that you enter, but it is not uncommon for winners to receive several hundred dollars or more. In some cases, the prize money may be used to cover travel expenses so that you can attend a music festival or perform at a club. Alternatively, the prize money may be used to purchase new equipment or to help fund your next project.

So, if you’re thinking about entering a remix contest, keep these things in mind. With hard work and a little bit of luck, your remix could be chosen as the winner and lead to some great things!


In conclusion, taking part in an electronic music remix contest is a great way to hone your craft, get feedback from other producers, and potentially win some cool prizes. If you’re serious about making it as a producer, we highly recommend checking out some of the contests on this list. Trust us, it’ll be worth your while!

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