Electronic Music Video: French Tennis Player Martin Solveig Dances

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In this electronic music video, French tennis player Martin Solveig dances around Paris with friends.


Martin Solveig is a French electronic music producer and DJ. He is also a tennis player. In this video, he dances to his song “I’m a Good Man” while playing tennis.

The Music Video

The music video for the song “Hello” by French tennis player Martin Solveig features the singer dancing around Paris. The video was shot in one continuous take and features Solveig dancing in various locations around the city.

The Concept

The video is set in a tennis court, and features Martin Solveig dancing with a number of female tennis players. The concept of the video is that Solveig is trying to impress the women by playing tennis, but instead ends up dancing with them. The video was directed by We Are From L.A., and features cameos from several famous French athletes and celebrities.

The Filming

The electronic music video for “Places” was filmed in various locations in Paris, France. It features French tennis player Martin Solveig dancing in various public places, including the Paris Métro and the Luxembourg Gardens. The video also features cameos from French celebrities and athletes, such as footballer Blaise Matuidi and actor François-Xavier Demaison.

The Editing

The editing in the music video is well done and creates a cohesive story. It is interesting to see how the different shots are cut together to create a sense of movement and energy. The use of color is also effective in creating a mood and atmosphere.

The video opens with a shot of Martin Solveig dancing alone in a dark room. This is cut with shots of other people dancing in different locations. These shots are all in black and white, which gives the video a retro feel.

As the song progresses, the video cuts to shots of Martin Solveig interacting with other people. These shots are in color, which makes them stand out from the earlier black and white shots.

The video ends with a shot of Martin Solveig dancing alone again in the dark room. This shot is in black and white, which creates a sense of symmetry with the opening shot.

The Reaction

The video features French tennis player, Marion Bartoli, who is shown dancing to the song “Hello” by Martin Solveig. Bartoli is shown doing a choreographed routine with two other female dancers. The video has been met with mixed reactions.

The Public

The public’s reaction to the video was largely negative.

The Critics

The critics are “reacting” to a music video of French Tennis Player Martin Solveig dancing. In the video, Solveig is shown with his friends having a good time at what looks like a party. He is then shown playing tennis with one of his friends. The video has been criticized for its “lack of originality”.


Overall, the music video was very creative and well-made. The colors were vibrant and the production value was high. It was also interesting to see a tennis player dancing in the video. I think it is a good representation of electronic music videos in general.

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