The Best Electronic Music Videos of 2011

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Here are the best electronic music videos of 2011. These are the videos that really caught our attention and made us want to share them with you.

Best Overall Video

The Best Overall Video category is reserved for the cream of the crop, the videos that truly make you sit up and take notice. This year’s winner is a perfect example of that.

Directed by Tom Schenk Jr., “Baptism” by Com Truise is an absolutely stunning piece of work, a gorgeous melding of live action and animation that tells the story of a young man’s journey to self-acceptance. The visuals are stunning, the story is moving, and the track itself is catchy as hell – it’s everything you could want in an electronic music video.

Best New Artist Video

The nominees for the best new artist video are:

“Get Free” by Major Lazer ft. Amber of the Dirty Projectors

“Manifest Destiny” by Teebs

“999U5” by Machinedrum

Best Pop Video

Although 2011 was a great year for music in general, it was an especially good year for electronic music. In particular, the genre saw a surge in popularity, with more and more artists releasing fantastic videos to accompany their tracks.

To help you sift through the masses, we’ve put together a list of what we believe to be the best electronic music videos of 2011. From Infected Mushroom’s psychedelic trip to Modeselektor’s strange and wonderful world, these videos are sure to get your brain ticking and your feet moving.

So without further ado, here are the best electronic music videos of 2011:

-Infected Mushroom – “Converting Vegetarians”
-Modeselektor – “Shipwreck”
-The Prodigy – “Omen”
-Noisia – “Split the Atom”
-Feed Me – “Rectangular Bed”

Best Hip-Hop Video

The best hip-hop video of 2011 was “Runaway” by Kanye West. The futuristic video was directed by Hype Williams and featured West donning a black mask as he rapped about love and materialism. The stunning visual effects and powerful performances made “Runaway” one of the best music videos of the year.

Best Electronic Video

There was no shortage of great electronic music videos in 2011, with artists like SBTRKT, Disclosure, and James Blake releasing some truly stunning visuals. Here are our picks for the best of the year.

-SBTRKT – “Wildfire”
The masked producer teamed up with director Marcus Soderlund for this hauntingly beautiful video for “Wildfire,” one of the standout tracks from his self-titled debut album.

-Disclosure – “Tenderly”
The young UK duo’s debut album was one of the breakout hits of the year, and this Frank Lebon-directed video for “Tenderly” perfectly captures the dreamy, retro-tinged sound of their music.

-James Blake – “Limit to Your Love”
The minimalistic video for James Blake’s cover of Feist’s “Limit to Your Love” is a perfect match for the sparse, gorgeous track.

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