Fallout 4 Menu Music Gets a Dubstep Remix

I’m a huge fan of the Fallout series, so when I found out that there was a dubstep remix of the menu music, I had to check it out.


It’s no secret that I’m a pretty big fan of the Fallout franchise. I’ve played every game in the series and have enjoyed them all immensely. So when I heard that there was a dubstep remix of the menu music for Fallout 4, I was intrigued.

The Menu Music

The original soundtrack for Fallout 4 was composed by Inon Zur. However, the menu music was notably different from the rest of the game’s music, being a remix of the main theme song by Mark Morgan.

TheMenu MusicDubstep Remix is a remix of the main theme song by Mark Morgan, which is included in the game’s soundtrack. It was released on November 11, 2015, and is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.

The Remix

The original music for Fallout 4 was composed by Inon Zur, and was released as part of the game’s official soundtrack. However, one fan has taken it upon themselves to remix the main menu music into a dubstep track, and it’s pretty great.

The remix was created by YouTube user MiracleOfSound, and you can check it out in the video below. It’s a pretty faithful recreation of the original tune, but with a more upbeat tempo and some added bass. If you’re a fan of Fallout 4, or just dubstep in general, then this is definitely worth a listen.

The Reception

The new remix has been very well-received by fans, with many praising its addition of more intense and varied Dubstep tracks. The new music is also seen as an improvement over the original tracks, which were considered to be too slow and relaxing for the fast-paced action of Fallout 4.


In conclusion, we can say that the Fallout 4 menu music gets a Dubstep remix is great. It’s a perfect blend of the original game’s menu music with modern Dubstep elements. This makes it an extremely enjoyable and catchy tune that you can’t help but sing along to.

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