Finnish Folk Music You Can’t Miss on YouTube

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Looking for some great Finnish folk music to listen to? Check out these YouTube channels for some of the best traditional and contemporary tunes from Finland!

Finnish Folk Music – what is it?

Finnish Folk music is a genre of music that is typically associated with the countryside and rural areas of Finland. It is often influenced by other genres such as Swedish, Norwegian, and Russian folk music. The music is traditionally played on a variety of instruments, including the kantele (a type of zither), fiddle, nyckelharpa (a type of keyed fiddle), accordion, and recorder.

Finnish Folk music has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, with many young people becoming interested in learning and playing traditional songs. This has led to a number of popular Finnish Folk bands emerging, such as JPP, Värttinä, and Frigg.

If you’re interested in hearing some Finnish Folk music for yourself, there are many great videos available on YouTube. Here are just a few that we recommend:

– “Virsi 283” by JPP
– “Karelian Wedding Dance” by Värttinä
– “Pelimannit” by Frigg

The top Finnish Folk Music YouTubers

In Finland, Folk music is an important part of the national identity. There are many different types of Finnish Folk music, from the traditional Runes to more modern styles. Many Finnish Folk musicians have found success on YouTube, providing a valuable resource for those interested in this genre.

Some of the top Finnish Folk Music YouTubers include:

-Virtasen Aapo: Aapo is a popular YouTuber who specializes in playing traditional Finnish Folk music on the accordion. He has over 100 videos on his channel, including tutorials, performances, and educational content.

-Niskavuoren Nuotti: Nuotti is another popular accordion player, with over 70 videos on their channel. In addition to traditional Finnish Folk music, they also play a variety of other genres, including classical and pop.

-Finnish Fiddler Petra: Petra is a violinist who specializes in Finnish Folk music. She has over 50 videos on her channel, including performances, tutorials, and interviews.

-TuuliWatershed: TuuliWatershed is a duo who perform a mix of original songs and traditional Finnish Folk tunes. They have over 40 videos on their channel, including live performances and studio recordings.

Why you should listen to Finnish Folk Music

Folk music is an important part of Finnish culture, and there are many different styles of folk music to enjoy. YouTube is a great place to find Finnish folk music, and there are many different channels that feature this type of music.

Listening to Finnish folk music can be a great way to relax, or to get in touch with your Finnish heritage. The music is often very beautiful, and it can be quite soothing. It can also be energizing and even uplifting. There are many different styles of Finnish folk music, so there is sure to be something that you will enjoy.

YouTube is a great place to find Finnish folk music because there are so many different channels that feature this type of music. You can find a wide variety of music on these channels, including traditional folk songs, modern folk songs, and even fusion folk songs. There is sure to be something on YouTube that you will enjoy listening to.

How to find more Finnish Folk Music on YouTube

If you love Finnish folk music, you’re in luck.YouTube is a goldmine of traditional Finnish folk songs, many of them performed by some of the most talented musicians in the country.

To find the best Finnish folk music on YouTube, start by searching for “Finnish Folk Music.” You’ll find a variety of videos, including live performances, traditional songs, and modern interpretations of Finnish folk music.

Once you’ve found a few videos you like, be sure to subscribe to the channels that feature them. This way, you’ll be sure to catch new videos as they’re released.

In addition to YouTube, there are a number of other great sources for Finnish folk music. The Finnish Folk Music Association is a great place to start your search. They have a comprehensive website with information about traditional Finnish folk songs, musicians, and events.

If you’re looking for more modern interpretations of Finnish folk music, check out the band Värttinä. They fuse traditional folk music with elements of rock and jazz to create a unique sound that is sure to appeal to fans of all genres.

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