Flint Folk Music: Keeping the Tradition Alive

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Flint Folk Music is dedicated to keeping the tradition of folk music alive in Flint, Michigan. We feature local and regional musicians, as well as provide resources for those interested in learning more about folk music.

Flint Folk Music History

The first music festival in Flint was held in September of 1967. It was called the “Flint Folklore Festival” and it featured artists from all over the United States. The festival was held on the campus of Michigan State University and it was a huge success. After the success of the first festival, the city of Flint decided to make the event an annual occurrence.

Since then, the Flint Folk Music Festival has been held every year on the third weekend in September. The event is now called “Flint Folk Music Weekend” and it features folk musicians from all over the world. Flint is known for its strong folk music tradition and this festival is one of the ways that the city keeps that tradition alive.

If you are interested in learning more about Flint’s folk music history, there are several resources available. The following article provides an overview of the early years of the Flint Folk Music Festival:

Flint Folklore Festival: A Tradition Begins (https://www.flintbeacon.com/news/flint-folklore-festival-a-tradition-begins/article_5d85828c-aac4-11e7-9293-375983bdd768.html)

Flint Folk Music Today

While the music of Flint, Michigan is best known for its Motown and Rock sound, the city has a thriving folk music scene as well. Flint Folk Music Today is dedicated to keeping the tradition alive. The site features a calendar of events, as well as profiles of the musicians who keep the music alive.

The Folk Music Scene in Flint

The folk music scene in Flint is vibrant and alive. There are many folk music clubs and venues that feature local, regional, and national acts. The music is often rooted in the traditions of the Appalachian Mountains, but there is a wide variety of genres represented.

The Flint Folk Music Society is one of the largest and most active organizations in the area. They host a weekly radio show on Sunday mornings, featuring local musicians. They also sponsor an annual folk festival that takes place in May.

If you’re interested in hearing some Flint folk music, there are many ways to do so. Check out the website for the Flint Folk Music Society for a complete list of events. You can also tune in to the weekly radio show, “Folk Michigan”, which airs on WFBE 96.5 FM on Sunday mornings from 8:00am-10:00am.

The Flint Folk Music Society

The Flint Folk Music Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the traditional music of Flint and the surrounding areas. Founded in 2010, the Society hosts monthly concerts featuring local and regional musicians, as well as an annual festival that showcases the best in folk music from around the world.

The Society is also active in supporting the development of young musicians, with programs that offer free or reduced-price lessons and instruments to children in need. In addition, the Society provides scholarships to help students pursuing folk music studies at the college level.

For more information on the Flint Folk Music Society, or to find out how you can get involved, please visit their website at www.flintfolk.org.

Flint Folk Music Festivals

The Flint Folk Music Festival is an annual event that takes place in the month of October. The festival is a celebration of the music and culture of the Flint area. The event features a variety of musical performances, workshops, and other activities.

The Flint Folk Music Festival

Now in its 27th year, the Flint Folk Music Festival is one of the largest and most respected music festivals in the country. The four-day event, held every summer in downtown Flint, features over 200 performances on 15 stages by some of the finest folk musicians from around the world.

The festival is a celebration of the traditional music and dance of the Flint region and its people. It is also a time for friends and family to gather, share a meal, and enjoy the many activities that take place throughout the weekend.

There is something for everyone at the Flint Folk Music Festival. In addition to the music, there are dance workshops, craft demonstrations, children’s activities, an antique car show, and much more. The festival is also a great opportunity to sample some of Flint’s best restaurants and shops.

Whether you are a long-time fan of folk music or just looking for a fun weekend activity, be sure to check out the Flint Folk Music Festival.

The Summerfolk Music Festival

The Summerfolk Music Festival is one of the most popular Flint folk music festivals. The festival takes place every year in late July/early August and features a wide variety of folk performers from all over the world. Past performers have included Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Joan Baez, and many others.

Flint Folk Music Venues

There are many places in Flint where you can enjoy live folk music. The Rahmaan Staton Music Club, located on the second floor of the Genesee Valley Center, is one of the most popular places to see live music in Flint. The club has a wide variety of music and hosts many different events.

The Listening Room

The Listening Room is a place where people can come to enjoy live music in a intimate setting. This venue strives to create an inviting atmosphere where people can relax and enjoy the music. The Listening Room also offers a wide variety of music from different genres, making it the perfect place to find new music to enjoy.

The Ark

The Ark is a nonprofit, intimate live music club in Ann Arbor, Michigan with a coffeehouse atmosphere. Founded in 1965, The Ark presents folk, country, bluegrass, celtic, old-time, jazz, blues and world music as well as children’s performers, storytellers and comedians. The Ark also hosts workshops, sing-a-rounds and open mics. It is located at 316 South Main Street in Ann Arbor.

Cafe Muse

Cafe Muse is located in the historic Buckham Alley in downtown Flint. The venue features a full bar and kitchen, as well as a stage for live music performances. Cafe Muse hosts a variety of folk music events throughout the year, including open mic nights, singer-songwriter showcases, and bluegrass jams.

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