Folk Music Camps for All Ages

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Find a Folk Music Camp for All Ages that offers the perfect blend of music instruction and fun!


Folk music has long been a vital part of American culture, and folk music camps offer a unique opportunity to learn about and experience this rich tradition. These camps are open to all ages and skill levels, and many offer scholarships to help make the experience accessible to everyone.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of folk music or just getting started, a folk music camp is the perfect place to learn more about this vibrant genre. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from some of the best musicians in the country, and you’ll be able to take part in jam sessions, concerts, and other events. You’ll also make lifelong friends who share your passion for music.

So what are you waiting for? Check out some of the best folk music camps in the country!

What is Folk Music?

Folk music is a type of music that is passed down through the generations orally. It is typically simple in form and lyrics and is meant to be easy to sing along to. Folk music often has a strong connection to the culture it comes from and can be used to tell stories or convey messages.

The Benefits of Folk Music

Folk music has a long and storied history, dating back to the medieval era. Today, folk music is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, as more and more people are rediscovering the joys of this simple yet powerful art form.

There are many reasons why folk music is so beloved by both performers and listeners alike. Folk music is often seen as being more “authentic” than other genres, as it is typically passed down through the generations orally, rather than being written down or recorded. This gives folk songs a unique sense of history and tradition that can be very powerfully moving.

Another reason why folk music is so special is that it is usually created by everyday people, rather than professional musicians. This makes it more relatable and down-to-earth than other genres, and allows listeners to connect with the music on a personal level. Folk music often tells stories about real life experiences, which can be very moving and inspiring.

If you’ve never experienced the joy of listening to or playing folk music, we highly encourage you to give it a try! There are many great folk music camps available for all ages and experience levels. Campers at these camps will have the opportunity to learn about the history and traditions of folk music, as well as how to play some of the most popular and well-loved folk songs.

Folk Music Camps

Folk music camps are a great way for people of all ages to learn about and enjoy music from other cultures. Folk music camps provide an opportunity to learn about other cultures through their music. At the same time, people of all ages can enjoy the music of their own culture.

For Adults

There are many different types of folk music camps for adults. Some cater to specific instruments or genres, while others are more general. Many of these camps are week-long events, although some offer shorter or longer programs.

Some folk music camps for adults include the following:

-The Appalachian Folk Music Camp in Berea, Kentucky offers programs for both beginners and experienced musicians. The focus is on traditional Appalachian music, and instruments taught include fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin, and dulcimer.

-The Augusta Heritage Center in Elkins, West Virginia offers a variety of week-long folk music camps throughout the year. Programs include old-time music, bluegrass, and Lindy Hop dancing. Instruments taught include fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin, and hammered dulcimer.

-The California Traditional Music Society sponsors an annual camp in Northern California that offers programs in old-time music and dance. Instruments taught include fiddle, guitar, banjo, mandolin, and accordion.

-The Puget Sound Guitar Workshop in Seattle, Washington offers a week-long camp each summer that focuses on acoustic guitar styles such as fingerstyle and flatpicking.

For Children

There are many different types of folk music camps available for children of all ages. Some of these camps focus on a particular type of folk music, such as bluegrass or Celtic music, while others offer a more general introduction to the genre. Regardless of their focus, all of these camps provide an opportunity for children to learn about and enjoy folk music in a supportive and fun environment.

One of the most popular types of folk music camps for children is the bluegrass camp. These camps typically take place during the summer months and offer instruction in bluegrass instruments, singing, and dancing. Bluegrass camps often have performances by professional bluegrass musicians, which give children the opportunity to see first-hand how this type of music is played. Other popular types of folk music camps for children include Celtic music camps, which offer instruction in playing traditional Celtic instruments such as the penny whistle and bodhran; Americana music camps, which teach children about the history and culture of American folk music; and world music camps, which expose children to a variety of different types of international folk music.

For Families

Families have long been a part of the folk music scene, and there are now several folk music camps that cater specifically to families. These camps usually offer a variety of activities for all ages, and they provide an opportunity for families to bond while enjoying the music.

Some of the most popular family folk music camps include the Music Camp at North Branch School in Vermont, the Michigan Folk Music Festival in Ann Arbor, and the Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival in Ontario, Canada. These camps offer a wide range of activities, from music lessons and jams to crafts and dancing. Most also offer camping facilities, so families can enjoy the outdoors together.


Folk music camps provide a fun, supportive environment for all ages to come together and celebrate a shared love of music. These camps offer something for everyone, from beginners to experienced musicians. Whether you’re looking to improve your skills or just have a good time, there’s a camp out there for you.

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