Folk Music CD Collections for the Connoisseur

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We offer an exclusive collection of folk music CDs for the discerning listener. Our selection of artists and albums is second to none, and we only carry the best of the best. Whether you’re a folk music aficionado or just getting started, we have the perfect CD collection for you.

Introduction to Folk Music

Folk music is a genre of music that is passed down orally from generation to generation. Folk music is usually based on national or ethnic traditions and is often played on acoustic instruments. Folk music has been around for centuries and has been used to tell stories, express emotions, and communicate messages.

What is Folk Music?

Folk music is a genre of music that typically uses acoustic instruments and explores the musical traditions of a culture or region. It is often contrasted with commercial or popular music, which is more likely to be created with synthetic instruments and to be aimed at a wider audience.

The origins of folk music are often found in the oral tradition of a community, which means that it is passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth. This can make it difficult to determine the exact history of a particular folk song, but Folk songs often reflect the history and culture of the people who sing them.

Though it is sometimes thought of as “old-timey” music, folk music is still being created today. In fact, many popular artists have been influenced by folk music, even if they don’t necessarily play it themselves. Bob Dylan, for example, is a well-known folk musician who has been nominated for Grammy Awards in multiple genres.

The Origins of Folk Music

Folk music has been defined in several ways: as music transmitted by word of mouth; as music of the lower classes; and as music with unknown composers. A more specific definition would limit folk music to the tradition which began in 18th and 19th century Europe, was carried to America by immigrants, and has since developed in various directions in different countries. The American folk music revival began in the 1930s and 1940s, and reached its height in the 1950s.

Until recently, historians generally discounted folk music as a significant influence on subsequent commercial popular styles such as jazz and rock & roll. Folk music was usually seen as the province of backward rural cultures, which had no connection with sophisticated urban musical traditions. It is now clear, however, that folk music has played an important role in the development of popular commercial traditions.

The Different Types of Folk Music

Folk music is a type of traditional and popular music that is typically passed down from one generation to the next. Folk music varies greatly between cultures and regions, making it one of the most diverse and unique genres of music in the world.

There are many different types of folk music, each with its own history, traditions, and sound. Some of the most popular types of folk music include Celtic folk music, American folk music, British folk music, and Canadian folk music.

Celtic folk music is a genre of folk music that originated in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Brittany. Celtic folk music is known for its beautiful melodies and upbeat rhythms. American folk music is a genre of folk music that originated in the United States. American folk music is known for its patriotic lyrics and simple melodies. British folk music is a genre of folk music that originated in England. British folk musicians often use traditional instruments such as the hurdy-gurdy and the hammer dulcimer. Canadian folk music is a genre of folk music that originated in Canada. Canadian artists often fuse traditional instruments with modern sounds to create a unique sound.

Folk Music CD Collections for the Connoisseur:
Celtic – The Best Of Irish Folk Music
American – The Best Of American Folk Music
British – The Best Of British Folk Music
Canadian – The Best Of Canadian Folk Music

The Best Folk Music CDs

Folk music has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. If you’re a fan of traditional folk music, you’ll want to check out these CD collections. These are the best of the best, and they make a great addition to any music collection.

The Best Folk Music CDs for Beginners

If you are new to folk music, or just want to dip your toe in the water, these are the CDs for you. These collections will give you a good introduction to the genre, and the variety will keep you entertained.

-The Best of Celtic Folk
-The Best of Folk Songs from around the World
-The Best of American Folk Music
-The Best of British Folk Music

The Best Folk Music CDs for Intermediate Listeners

Intermediate listeners of folk music will enjoy albums that are a mix of traditional and contemporary tunes. These CDs offer a variety of styles and tempos, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Some of the best folk music CDs for intermediate listeners include:

-The Best of Crooked Still: This album features some of the most popular tracks from bluegrass/folk band Crooked Still. With a mix of fast-paced tunes and slower ballads, this CD is perfect for those who want to explore the genre further.

-The Devil Makes Three: Live at the Catalyst: This live album captures the energy and vitality of The Devil Makes Three, a folk/Bluegrass trio from Santa Cruz, California. Featuring both original compositions and traditional tunes, this CD is sure to please anyone who enjoys lively music.

-The Folk Collection: This compilation CD features a wide variety of artists, including Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Simon & Garfunkel, and Crosby, Stills & Nash. With over two hours of music, this CD is perfect for those who want to explore the different sounds within the genre.

The Best Folk Music CDs for Advanced Listeners

If you’re an advanced listener of folk music, you’ll want CDs that are both challenging and rewarding. Look for CDs that have a variety of artists represented, as well as a mix of traditional and contemporary tunes. Here are some of the best folk music CDs for advanced listeners:

-The Folk Box (4 CD set): This set is a great introduction to the world of folk music. It features a wide range of artists, from the well-known (Bob Dylan, Joan Baez) to the less familiar (The New Lost City Ramblers, Mississippi John Hurt). The four CDs cover a variety of topics, including love, loss, work, and play.

-Folk Songs of Britain, Ireland, & America (8 CD set): This collection features over eight hours of music from some of the most celebrated folk musicians of all time. Artists include Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Lead Belly, Ewan MacColl, and The Clancy Brothers. The songs range from traditional ballads to protest songs to maritime songs.

-The Smithsonian Folkways Collection (14 CD set): This massive collection features over fourteen hours of music from around the world. Artists include Pakistani qawwali singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Chinese erhu player Liu Fang, and American bluegrass band The Johnson Mountain Boys. The CDs are organized by region, so you can easily explore the music of different cultures.

How to Collect Folk Music CDs

Folk music CD collections are not just for the connoisseur, but for anyone who wants to enjoy the music of a particular culture. Folk music has been around for centuries and has been passed down from generation to generation. It is the music of the people and is often used to tell stories or express emotions. Folk music is usually acoustic and is often played on traditional instruments.

Where to Find Folk Music CDs

If you’re looking for Folk music CDs, your local music store is a good place to start. Most stores have a section devoted to Folk music, and the staff should be able to help you find what you’re looking for.

Another great resource for finding Folk music CDs is the Internet. There are a number of online stores that specialize in Folk music, and you can often find hard-to-find items that you wouldn’t be able to find at your local store. When shopping online, be sure to check the shipping costs before you make your purchase, as these can vary widely from one store to another.

If you’re having trouble finding a particular CD, try asking other Folk music fans if they know where you can find it. There are a number of online forums and mailing lists devoted to Folk music, and chances are good that someone else has already done the legwork for you.

How to Store Folk Music CDs

Folk music CDs can be stored in several ways, depending on the collector’s preferences. One option is to keep them in their original packaging, such as a jewel case or cardboard sleeve. This protects the CDs from damage and keeps them organized.

Another option is to store the CDs in a binder designed for CDs. This allows the collector to see all of the CDs at once and makes it easier to find a specific album. Binders also protect the CDs from damage.

Some collectors prefer to shelve their CDs like books, without their packaging. This saves space, but it can make it more difficult to find a specific CD. It is also important to take precautions to prevent the discs from being scratched or damaged when they are not in their cases.

How to Organize Folk Music CDs

Classify your Folk Music CDs by type of music, artist, or era. You can also make different categories for the music you enjoy the most, or for the music you listen to most often.

Label each CD clearly with the title and artist, using a permanent marker. If you have a large CD collection, consider investing in a label-maker. This will save you time and ensure that your labels are always accurate.

Place your Folk Music CDs in chronological order, if desired. This can be helpful if you want to follow the development of a particular artist or style of music.

Store your CDs in a safe place where they will not be damaged. Consider using plastic sleeves or cases to protect them from fingerprints, dust, and other potential damage.


Folk music CD collections are the perfect way to enjoy this unique and timeless genre of music. These collections offer a wide variety of music to choose from, and they are a great way to get introduced to new artists. If you are a fan of folk music, or if you are looking for a new musical experience, then a folk music CD collection is the perfect way to go.

The Benefits of Collecting Folk Music CDs

Folk music has been around for centuries, and its popularity has only grown in recent years. There are many benefits to collecting folk music CDs, from the enjoyment of the music itself to the feeling of satisfaction that comes with owning a physical product.

CD collections can be a great way to support your favorite artists, as well as helps to preserve the history and culture of folk music. Folk music CDs make great gifts for friends and family members who appreciate the genre, and they can also be used as teaching tools to introduce children to the world of folk music.

Whether you are a seasoned collector or just getting started, there are many reasons to start collecting folk music CDs today. With so many different artists and styles to choose from, you are sure to find a collection that suits your taste.

The Future of Folk Music

The future of Folk Music is shrouded in a bit of controversy. On one hand, the genre has been revitalized in recent years by a new generation of artists who are bringing fresh perspectives and energy to the music. On the other hand, some purists feel that the traditional sound and style of Folk Music is being lost in the process. Only time will tell what direction Folk Music will ultimately take, but one thing is certain – it will continue to evolve and change just as it always has.

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