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Discover Folk Music in Ohio is a blog that covers the Ohio folk music scene. You’ll find information on folk festivals, concerts, and more.


Folk music is an important part of Ohio’s musical heritage. For many years, folk musicians have been playing and sharing their music with others in the state. If you’re interested in finding out more about Ohio’s folk music scene, there are a few ways to go about it.

One way to learn more about folk music in Ohio is to attend one of the state’s many folk festivals. These festivals usually take place during the summer months, and they offer a great opportunity to see a variety of folk musicians in action. Many of the state’s most popular folk festivals include the Cincinnati Folk Festival, the Cleveland Folk Festival, and the Wayne County Folk Festival.

Another way to discover folk music in Ohio is to visit some of the state’s many museums and art galleries that feature folk art exhibits. These exhibits often include music performances by local folk musicians. Some of the museums and galleries that you might want to check out include the Butler County Historical Society Museum, the Athens County Historical Society Museum, and the Mahoning Valley Historical Society Museum.

You can also find out more about Ohio’s folk music scene by attending one of the many concerts or recitals given by local folk musicians throughout the year. These events are usually announced in advance in local newspapers and on radio stations that specialize in folk music. Some of the concert series that you might want to keep an eye out for include the Folklore Society of Greater Dayton’s Concert Series, Kent State University’s Kent Folk Series, and Miami University’s Performing Arts Series.

The Best Places to Discover Folk Music in Ohio

Folk music has been around for centuries, and Ohio is no stranger to this genre. This state has a rich history of Folk music, and there are many great places to discover it. In this article, we will be discussing the best places to discover Folk music in Ohio.

The Ark

The Ark is a non-profit, listening room in Ann Arbor, Michigan that presents performers of folk, roots, and world music. It also is home to the Ann Arbor Folk Festival. The Ark was founded in 1965 by Bill Bynum and Russ Gottlieb.
The Ark is located at 316 South Main Street in downtown Ann Arbor. It has a capacity of 400 people. The venue hosts around 200 shows per year.

The Big E

The Big E is home to the largest collection of folk musicians in the state of Ohio. With over 100 performers, The Big E has something for everyone.

The Big E is located in the heart of downtown Columbus, Ohio. The venue is home to a variety of folk musicians from all over the state. The Big E has a wide array of music, from traditional folk to contemporary folk.

The Big E is open Wednesday through Sunday. Admission is free for all shows.

The Big E is located at 15 East 5th Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215.

The Birchmere

The Birchmere is a music venue located in Alexandira, Virginia, just outside of Washington D.C. The venue has been in operation since 1961 and specializes in hosting acoustic folk music concerts. The Birchmere is known for its intimate concert atmosphere, and often features well-known folk musicians such as Arlo Guthrie, Emmylou Harris, and John Prine.

The Bluebird

The Bluebird is a great place to discover folk music in Ohio. This cafe is located in the heart of the Short North District in downtown Columbus. The cafe has a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere with a great selection of food and drink. The Bluebird also has a stage where local and touring folk musicians perform regularly.


In conclusion, Ohio is a state with a rich history of folk music. From the early pioneers who brought their music with them to the settlers who adapted existing songs to their own purposes, folk music has always been an important part of Ohio’s cultural heritage. Today, there are many different ways to discover and enjoy folk music in Ohio. Whether you’re attending a live performance, exploring a museum or listening to a radio program, you’re sure to find something that appeals to you. So get out there and start exploring Ohio’s Folk Music scene today!

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