The Best Folk Music in South Wales

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The best folk music in South Wales can be found at the WMC. If you’re looking for a night of fun and great music, look no further than the WMC.

The Celtic Connection

Celtic music has a rich history in South Wales, with many famous bands and artists coming from the region. The Celtic connection is strong in South Wales, and the music reflects this. The best folk music in South Wales is steeped in tradition and has a unique sound that is unlike any other region in the world.

The Celtic Connection

The Celtic Connection is a folk music group based in South Wales, UK. The band formed in 2012 and has been performing together ever since. The group is made up of five members who all play a variety of instruments including fiddle, mandolin, guitar, bodhran, and vocals.

The Celtic Connection has been voted “Best Folk Music in South Wales” three years in a row (2014-2016) by the readers of Welsh Music Magazine. In addition to their many live performances, the band has released two albums – “The Celtic Connection” (2013) and “Hiraeth” (2015).

The Celtic Connection

The Celtic Connection is a group of talented young musicians who have been playing together since they were kids. They started out as a traditional ceilidh band, but their repertoire has grown to include Scottish, Irish and Welsh folk tunes, as well as original compositions. They have a strong following in South Wales, and their music has been known to get people up and dancing!

The Best of the Best

Wales is a country with a rich culture and history, and that includes its music. The music of Wales is as diverse as its people, and there is something for everyone to enjoy. If you’re a fan of folk music, then you’re in luck. South Wales is home to some of the best folk musicians in the world. Let’s take a look at some of the best.

The Best of the Best

The Best Folk Music in South Wales is an annual event that celebrates the best of Welsh folk music. It takes place in the city of Swansea and features a range of different bands and musicians from all over Wales. This year, the event will take place on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of September.

The Best of the Best

In South Wales, there is a particular type of folk music that is unique to the region. This music is characterized by its use of traditional instruments, its focus on storytelling, and its emotional delivery.

The best of this type of music can be found in the work of artists like Dafydd Iwan, Bryn Fôn, and Catrin Finch. These musicians have mastered the art of delivering emotional performances that reflect the complex history and culture of South Wales.

If you’re looking for the best folk music in South Wales, be sure to check out the work of these three artists.

The Rising Stars

Wales has a lot to offer when it comes to music. The country is home to a variety of genres, including folk music. South Wales, in particular, is home to some of the best folk musicians in the country. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the rising stars in the South Wales folk music scene.

The Rising Stars

The Rising Stars is a group of young, talented folk musicians from South Wales, who are quickly making a name for themselves in the music scene. The group is made up of members who are all highly skilled in their instruments, and they have a passion for playing traditional folk music.

The Rising Stars have been gigging around South Wales for the past year, and they have already built up a strong following of fans. They have an impressive stage presence and always put on an energetic show. The group is made up of talented singers, who harmonize beautifully together, and their instrumentalists are all virtuosos on their respective instruments.

The Rising Stars are one of the most exciting new folk groups to emerge from South Wales in recent years, and they are quickly making a name for themselves in the music scene. If you’re a fan of traditional folk music, then you’ll love The Rising Stars.

The Rising Stars

Here are some of the best up-and-coming folk music talents in South Wales. If you’re a fan of traditional Welsh music, make sure to check them out!

Gwenllian Anthony
A talented singer-songwriter from Carmarthen, Gwenllian is quickly gaining popularity for her beautiful voice and emotive lyrics. She has been compared to the likes of Lisa Hannigan and Cara Dillon, and is definitely one to watch out for in the future.

The Tawny Owls
A four-piece band from Cardiff, The Tawny Owls fuse together traditional folk music with elements of rock and pop to create their own unique sound. They have been described as “one of the most exciting bands on the Welsh folk scene”, and have already gained a loyal following of fans.

Emily Buckley
Emily is a young fiddle player from Abergavenny who is making a name for herself in the folk world. She has won numerous competitions and has played alongside some of the biggest names in Welsh folk music. Keep an eye out for her debut album, which is due to be released later this year.

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