Bollywood Songs You Can Download for Free

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Looking for some great Bollywood songs to download for free? Here are some of our favourites that you can enjoy without spending a single rupee!

Where to look for free Bollywood songs

The Internet is a huge repository of resources, and that includes music. You can find just about any kind of music for free on the internet if you know where to look. Bollywood songs are no exception. In this article, we’ll show you where to find free Bollywood songs so you can download them and add them to your music library.

Bollywood Hungama

Bollywood Hungama is a great site for finding old and new Bollywood songs that you can download for free. The site has a huge database of songs, and you can search for specific songs or browse by genre. You can also find playlists and stations on the site.

Naa Songs

One of the best ways to get your hands on some free Bollywood songs is to check out Naa Songs. This website has a huge collection of songs from various movies and artists, and you can download them without having to pay a single penny. The best part about this website is that it is extremely easy to use, and you can even search for songs by artist or movie name.

In addition to Naa Songs, there are also a few other websites where you can find free Bollywood songs. For instance, Songspk offers a wide range of songs from various movies and artists, and you can download them without any hassle. Another great option is Mr Jatt, which has a massive collection of both old and new Bollywood songs that you can download for free.


Saavn is a free Bollywood music streaming app with over 30 million tracks. You can create your own playlists and listen to customized radio stations based on your favorite artists, songs, and genres. Saavn is available on iOS, Android, and the web.

How to download free Bollywood songs

There are a few ways that you can download free Bollywood songs. You can use a music downloading website, or you can use a YouTube to MP3 converter. You can also find a torrent of a Bollywood movie and download the songs that way. Let’s take a look at all of these methods.

Bollywood Hungama

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Naa Songs

Naa Songs is a site where you can download free Bollywood songs. The site has a large selection of songs from all genres, and you can find songs from both new and old Bollywood movies.

To download a song, simply click on the “Download” button next to the song. You can also choose to download the song in MP3 format or in WAV format.


Saavn is one of the most popular site for downloading Hindi songs. You can find almost all latest and old Bollywood songs on Saavn. You can either stream or download songs from Saavn for free. If you want to download songs from Saavn, you need to install the Saavn app on your mobile phone. Once the app is installed, open the app and search for the song you want to download. Tap on the song and then tap on the download button. The song will be downloaded in the MP3 format.

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