Funny Blues Music to Make You Smile

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At Funny Blues we have the best collection of blues music that is guaranteed to make you smile. With artists like B.B. King and Muddy Waters, you can’t go wrong.

The Birth of the Funny Blues

The funny blues is a genre of music that incorporates elements of humor, often in the form of lyrics that tell funny stories or make light of situations. The genre dates back to the early days of the blues, when performers would use humor to offset the sometimes harsh realities of life. Over the years, the funny blues has evolved to include different styles and subgenres, but it remains a popular and beloved form of music.

Some of the most famous funny blues songs include “I Can’t Stop Loving You” by Ray Charles, “Sweet Little Sixteen” by Chuck Berry, and “Mama Don’t Allow” by Louis Jordan. These songs all have one thing in common: a light-hearted, fun-loving attitude that is sure to put a smile on your face.

So if you’re looking for some music to make you laugh, look no further than the funny blues!

The First Funny Blues Songs

The first funny blues songs were recorded in the early 1920s, and they were meant to make people smile. The earliest funny blues songs were often novelty songs or parodies of other genres of music. One of the most famous early funny blues songs is “Ain’t Misbehavin'” by Fats Waller. This song was recorded in 1929 and became a huge hit. It is still considered one of the all-time great funny blues songs. Other early funny blues songs include “Tight Like That” by Louis Armstrong, “Ya Gotta Quit Kickin’ My Dog Around” by Blind Lemon Jefferson, and “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love, Baby” by Ethel Waters.

The Evolution of Funny Blues Music

The evolution of funny blues music is a story that begins in the early 1900s with the rise of minstrelsy and continues through the present day. Minstrelsy, a form of entertainment that featured white performers in blackface makeup performing songs and skits for white audiences, was hugely popular in the United States during the 19th century. One of the most popular minstrel songs was “The Blue Tail Fly” (aka “Jimmy Crack Corn”), which told the story of a slave who was bitten by a blue-tailed fly. The song was first recorded by blackface artist Frank Brower in 1848, and it would go on to become one of the most popular songs of the 19th century, being recorded by countless artists over the years.

While “The Blue Tail Fly” wasn’t necessarily intended to be funny, its humorous elements soon became apparent to audiences, and it became one of the first examples of funny blues music. In the 20th century, artists like Jelly Roll Morton, Cab Calloway, and Louis Jordan continued to develop the genre with their own comedic interpretations of blues songs. Today, funny blues music is performed by artists all over the world and enjoyed by fans of all ages.

The Modern Funny Blues Movement

The funny blues is a style of music that emerged in the early 21st century. It is characterized by its light-hearted, often silly lyrics and its upbeat tempo. Funny blues songs are often about everyday life and deal with topics such as relationships, work, and family.

While the funny blues has its roots in the traditional blues, it is a distinct genre in its own right. The first funny blues song was likely “I Can’t Stop Loving You” by Ray Charles, which was released in 1962. The genre gained popularity in the 1970s with the release of several humorous songs by artists such as Steve Martin and Cheech & Chong.

Today, the funny blues is enjoying a resurgence in popularity thanks to modern artists such as Amy Winehouse, Jack White, and Janelle Monae. If you’re looking for some laughs, be sure to check out these funniest blues songs of all time.

Funny Blues Artists to Check Out

When it comes to music that’s guaranteed to make you smile, few genres do it better than the blues. From the early days of barrelhouse and boogie-woogie to the modern sounds of contemporary artists, the blues has always had an infectious, upbeat energy that’s impossible to resist.

If you’re looking for a few laughs and good times, here are some funny blues artists you should check out:

1. Bo Diddley – With his signature “shave and a haircut” riff and distinctive “cigar box guitar,” Bo Diddley was one of the most original and influential bluesmen of all time. He was also known for his eccentric personality and sense of humor, which came through in songs like “Hey Bo Diddley” and “Who Do You Love?”

2. Chuck Berry – One of the pioneers of rock and roll, Chuck Berry was a master of tongue-in-cheek humor. Songs like “My Ding-a-Ling” and “Too Much Monkey Business” showed off his clever wordplay and lighthearted side, while “Maybellene” and “Roll Over Beethoven” proved he could still rock with the best of them.

3. John Lee Hooker – The undisputed king of the one-chord blues, John Lee Hooker was a pivotal figure in the Detroit scene of the 1950s. His stripped-down style was perfect for songs like “Boom Boom” and “One Bourbon, OneScotch, One Beer,” which became blues classics thanks to their catchy hooks and sense of humor.

4. Muddy Waters – A true icon of the blues, Muddy Waters started out playing Delta-style acoustic music before helping to pioneer electric Chicago blues in the 1940s. He wrote some hilarious songs along the way, including “I Can’t Be Satisfied” (about his insatiable appetite) and “I Feel Like Going Home” (about his homesickness for the Mississippi Delta).

5. ZZ Top – This Texas trio took the blues in a whole new direction with their unique blend of boogie-woogie, country and hard rock. They also became famous for their comical stage show, which featured elaborate costumes and props like giant sombreros and neon guitars. Songs like “Sharp Dressed Man” and TV Dinners” showcased their quirky sense of humor.

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