The Best of Garnett Silk’s Reggae Music

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A look at some of the best tracks by Garnett Silk, one of the most important figures in the history of reggae music.


Garnett Silk (born Garnet Dionne Smith; April 2, 1966 – December 9, 1994) was a Jamaican reggae singer known for his “rootsy” and spiritual style. Silk was born in Manchester, Jamaica, the youngest of nine children. He began his professional career as a deejay (or toaster) on sound systems such as Cultural Sounds and African Museum. His first major success came with the release of the singles “Oh Me Oh My” and “Real Lovin'”, which were both big hits in Jamaica in 1987.

Early Life and Career

Garnett Silk was born in Manchester, Jamaica in 1966. His father, Claudius Linton, was a well-known singer who had success in the 1960s with songs like “Last Train to Freedom” and “This Little Light of Mine.” Silk began his own singing career as a teenager and had his first hit song, “Oh Me, Oh My,” in 1985. He rose to prominence in the early 1990s with a series of hit songs like “It’s Growing,” “Kingdom Rise, Kingdom Fall,” and “Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders.” Garnett Silk was one of the most popular reggae singers of his generation and was known for his soulful voice and positive messages in his music.

Silk’s career was cut tragically short when he died in 1994 at the age of 28. He had been suffering from stomach problems for some time, and it is believed that he died from complications from a ulcer. Garnett Silk left behind a wife and two young children. His death was a great loss to the Jamaican music community and to reggae fans around the world.

Musical Style and Influences

Garnett Silk was a Jamaican reggae singer, known for his smooth and soulful voice. His musical style was influenced by Rastafarianism, and he often sang about religious or political topics. He was also known for his catchy, upbeat tunes that often had a message of hope and positivity. Garnett Silk’s music has been influential in the development of contemporary reggae music, and his songs have been covered by many other artists.

Notable Songs

Born in Manchester, Jamaica, Garnett Silk was a popular reggae singer during the 1980s and early 1990s. His distinctive falsetto voice won him a wide following, and he is considered one of the most important artists of the conscious roots movement. Silk enjoyed great success in Jamaica with hits like “Hello Mama Africa” and “Mama.” He also had a number of international hits, including “Just Don’t Wanna Be Lonely” and “Oh Me Oh My.”Sadly, Silk’s career was cut short by his untimely death in 1994. However, his music continues to be enjoyed by reggae fans all over the world.

Some of Garnett Silk’s most notable songs include:

“Hello Mama Africa” – A tribute to African mothers, this song became an anthem for the Rastafari movement.

“Mama” – A touching ode to Silk’s own mother, this song is one of his best-loved works.

“Just Don’t Wanna Be Lonely” – A worldwide hit, this song resonated with listeners around the globe.

“Oh Me Oh My” – Another massive hit, this track cemented Garnett Silk’s status as a reggae superstar.

Later Career and Death

In the early 1990s, Silk moved to the United States, where he recorded albums with Beres Hammond, Bunny Wailer and others. He also began working with producer Michael Johnson and established his own record label, High Power Music. In 1994, Silk released his most successful album to date, Reggae Max, which topped the Jamaican charts and achieved gold status in the United States. The album included the hit single “Oh Me Oh My,” which became one of Silk’s signature songs.

However, just as his career was reaching new heights, Garnett Silk’s life was cut tragically short. In December 1994, Silk was killed in a house fire in Jamaica. He was just 27 years old. Although he was gone too soon, Garnett Silk left behind a legacy of great reggae music that continues to inspire new generations of listeners.


Garnett Silk was a Jamaican reggae singer known for his “roots” style of singing. He had his first big hit with the song “Oh Me, Oh My” in 1992. Silk was born in Manchester, Jamaica in 1966. He began his singing career as a member of the Mighty Diamonds, but left the group in 1988 to pursue a solo career. His first album, Garnett Silk, was released in 1989.

Garnett Silk had a number of hits in Jamaica and elsewhere in the Caribbean. In 1992, he had his first big international hit with the song “Oh Me, Oh My.” The song reached number one on the Jamaican music charts and was also popular in other parts of the Caribbean. Silk’s other well-known songs include “Suffer,” “It’s Growing,” “Tired Fi Lick Weed Inna Bush,” and “Lord Have Mercy.”

Tragically, Garnett Silk died in 1994 at the age of 28. He was killed in a house fire in Kingston, Jamaica. His death was a great loss to the Jamaican music industry and to reggae fans around the world. Garnett Silk is remembered as one of the most talented and beloved reggae singers of all time.

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