The Best Dubstep Music to Get You Moving

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We’ve put together a list of the best dubstep tracks to get you moving – perfect for when you need a boost of energy!


In today’s music scene, there are a variety of genres to choose from. One genre that has been growing in popularity is dubstep. Dubstep is a type of electronic dance music that is characterized by its heavy bass and drumbeat drops. This type of music is perfect for getting you moving and motivated.

If you’re looking for the best dubstep music to get you moving, look no further than the following songs. These songs are sure to get your blood pumping and your feet moving.

What is Dubstep?

Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in South London in the late 1990s. It is generally characterized by sparse, syncopated rhythmic patterns with bass lines that contain prominent sub-bass frequencies. Dubstep rhythms are usually syncopated, and often shuffled or incorporating tuplets. The tempo is nearly always in the range of 138–142 beats per minute, with a clap or snare usually accenting the 2nd and 4th beats in a bar. In the 2010s, certain dubstep tracks also used a half-time tempo. Its overall sound has been described as “tightly coiled” and “resonant”, and swift, low-end wobbles that resemble drum and bass patterns have earned it the nickname ‘wub-wub-wub’.

The Best Dubstep Songs

If you’re looking for the best dubstep songs to get you moving, then look no further. This list includes some of the most popular and well-known dubstep tracks that are sure to get you pumped up and ready to dance.

From classics like Skrillex’s “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” to more recent hits like Zeds Dead’s “Collapse,” there’s something for everyone on this list. So turn up the volume and get ready to move!

The Best Dubstep Artists

There are many great dubstep artists out there, but these are some of the best:

Skrillex: Skrillex is one of the most popular dubstep artists out there. His unique style and energy have made him a favorite among dubstep fans.

Zeds Dead: Zeds Dead is a Canadian dubstep duo that is known for their dark, heavy sound. Their music is perfect for getting any crowd moving.

Excision: Excision is another popular dubstep artist who is known for his hard-hitting basslines and unique sound design.

Nero: Nero is a British dubstep trio that has become famous for their anthemic tune “Innocence”.Their music is perfect for any fan of electronic dance music.

The Future of Dubstep

The dubstep sound is characterized by a slow tempo backing track with heavy basslines and drumbeats. The music often features samples from other genres, including hip hop, reggae, and grime. The earliest dubstep tracks were released in the late 1990s, but the genre did not gain mainstream popularity until the early 2000s.

In the 2010s, dubstep artists began to experiment with different sounds and tempos, resulting in a wide variety of subgenres. These subgenres include wonky, brostep, post-dubstep, future garage, and others. Despite its relatively small size, the dubstep community is highly active online, with many artists releasing their music for free on SoundCloud and other platforms.

The future of dubstep is uncertain at this point, but there is no doubt that it has had a significant impact on electronic dance music. Many of today’s top DJs and producers got their start within the dubstep scene, and the genre has influenced a wide range of other styles. It remains to be seen what direction dubstep will go in next, but one thing is for sure: it’s here to stay.

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