The Top Gospel Music Conferences of 2015

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The Gospel music industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Here are the top conferences of 2015 that you won’t want to miss!


Gospel music is a genre of Christian music that is characterized by simple, memorable melodies and harmonies. The lyrics often focus on personal testimony, spiritual growth, and social justice. Gospel music is popular among all age groups and is often used in church services.

There are many different gospel music conferences held throughout the year. These conferences provide a great opportunity for gospel musicians to network and learn from each other. Here are some of the top gospel music conferences of 2015:

The National Conference on Gospel Music was held in February in Atlanta, Georgia. This conference featured workshops, concerts, and panels with some of the top names in gospel music.

The Mid-Atlantic Gospel Musicival was held in March in Baltimore, Maryland. This conference featured over 100 workshops, concerts, and jam sessions. Attendees had the opportunity to learn from some of the best gospel musicians in the country.

The Southern Gospel Music Association’s annual convention was held in April in Nashville, Tennessee. This convention featured over 150 events including concerts, workshops, and tours of Nashville’s famous recording studios.

TheWorld Wide Covenant Congress of Gospel choirs & Musicianswas held in July in Detroit, Michigan. This conference featured workshops, concerts, and master classes with some of the top gospel musicians in the world. Attendees also had the opportunity to network with other gospel musicians from around the globe.

National Gospel Announcers Guild (NGA)

The National Gospel Announcers Guild (NGA) is a professional organization that serves the needs of radio announcers, program directors and music directors who specialize in Southern Gospel music.

The NGA’s membership consists of radio station personnel who are committed to excellence in broadcasting by providing quality Southern Gospel music programming to their listeners. The NGA provides its members with educational opportunities, including an annual conference and workshops, designed to enhance their skills and professionalism.

The NGA also recognizes and honors those individuals who have made significant contributions to the Southern Gospel music industry through its annual awards program. The NGA is an affiliate of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB).

Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA)

The Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA) was founded in 1968 by James Cleveland. Since its inception, the GMWA has been committed to preserving, protecting and promoting African American Gospel music. The organization holds an annual convention that attracts some of the biggest names in Gospel music. This year’s convention will be held in St. Louis, MO from July 6-11.

Stellar Awards

Stellar Awards is an annual event that honors the best in gospel music. This year’s conference will be held in Nashville, Tennessee from January 15-17.

BET Celebration of Gospel

The BET Celebration of Gospel is a music event that celebrates the accomplishments of African American gospel artists. The event is held annually in January and features performances by some of the most popular gospel music artists in the world. The conference also includes workshops, seminars, and other events that focus on the business side of the gospel music industry.


As the largest music conference in the world, CMA Music Festival is a can’t-miss event for music lovers and industry professionals alike. This year’s festival will be held in Nashville from June 10-13 and will feature over 150 musical acts on 11 stages. The lineup includes country legends like Hank Williams Jr. and Alabama, as well as contemporary superstars like Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood. If you’re interested in gospel music, don’t miss the chance to see some of today’s biggest names in the genre performing live.

Some of the other top gospel music conferences of 2015 include:
-Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA) National Convention: Held annually in various cities across the country, this year’s GMWA convention will take place in Chicago from July 13-18. The conference features performances, seminars, and workshops for aspiring singers, songwriters, and industry professionals.
-International Gospel Music Conference (IGMC): This year’s IGMC will be held in Detroit from August 3-7. The conference offers attendees the opportunity to network with industry professionals, attend workshops and seminars, and see live performances by some of today’s biggest gospel stars.
-Blessed Gospel Music Conference: This annual conference is held in Birmingham, Alabama from September 17-19. The conference features performances by up-and-coming artists, as well as seminars and workshops on various aspects of the music industry.

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