Where to Find Gospel Music Sheet Music

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Looking for some good gospel music to play? Check out our top picks for where to find gospel music sheet music!


When you want to find gospel music sheet music, the best place to look is online. You will find a variety of websites that offer sheet music for gospel songs, and you can usually find the music you need by searching for the song title. Some websites also allow you to search by artist, so you can easily find the music you need.


Musicnotes is an online retailer of sheet music and songbooks. They offer a wide variety of gospel music sheet music, including arrangements for piano, voice, guitar, choir, and more. You can search their catalogue by artist, song title, or genre. Musicnotes also offers digital downloads and printable PDFs of sheet music.

Sheet Music Plus

Sheet Music Plus is a great online resource for gospel music sheet music. They offer a wide selection of both modern and traditional gospel music, and their prices are very reasonable. Shipping is also free for most orders, so it’s definitely worth checking out Sheet Music Plus if you’re looking for gospel music sheet music.

Local Stores

For those in the know, the best place to find gospel music sheet music is your local music store. These stores typically have a healthy selection of music, from the latest hits to the more obscure selections. They also offer a wide variety of services, such as music lessons and instrument rentals.

The Music Store

The Music Store is a great place to find sheet music for all types of gospel music. They have an extensive collection of both traditional and contemporary pieces, and their prices are very reasonable. The staff is also very friendly and helpful, so don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations.

The Music Store
Hours: Monday – Saturday 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Sunday 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Location: 524 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036
(212) 247-6969

Sam Ash

If you’re looking for a large selection of gospel music sheet music, your best bet is Sam Ash. With locations all across the country, Sam Ash is one of the largest music retailers in the business and they always have a good selection of gospel sheet music on hand. You can also find a wide variety of other musical genres at Sam Ash, so it’s a great place to do all of your music shopping in one stop.


Looking for religious sheet music for your church choir? There are many places you can find religious sheet music, both online and offline. You can find websites that sell religious sheet music, or you can find it in stores that sell music and supplies for churches. You can also find religious sheet music in some online auctions.

The music ministry

The music ministry of a church is responsible for the musical worship of the congregation. This includes the preparation and leading of congregational singing, the selection and training of vocal and instrumental groups, the development of musical liturgies, and the care and upkeep of musical instruments. The music ministry may also be responsible for providing music for special occasions such as weddings and funerals.

The choir director

The choir director is the leader of the choir and is responsible for directing rehearsals and performances, as well as selecting music. He or she may also be responsible for recruiting and training new members, and for managing the finances of the choir. The choir director may be a professional musician or a member of the church staff, or he or she may be a volunteer.

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